This computer can be found in Enro Gozeyn's apartment near the Autodily shop. It has a security rating of 1.

E-mails Edit

RE: Reporting permit violation Edit

From: IN.FORM@pcr.le
To: Enro Gozeyn

Dear Mr. Gozeyn,

Thank you for your cooperation. The information you have provided has been logged and a case has been opened to investigate these claims. If further information is required you will be contacted by one of our officers.

The Information Dept. (PCR)

From: Enro Gozeyn
To: Department of; IN.FORM@pcr.le
Subject: Reporting permit violation

I would like to report that Alme Capys, the proprietor of Hemingway’s Fine Spirits, is in possession of falsified identity records and a forged augmentation license. These woman poses a significant threat to the public as I have heard her say on more than one occasion that she feels “naturals” are a streak on society that needs to be “wiped away”.sicIcon sic I am providing you with the code for the door (9410) as well as the password for the store computer terminal (FURVENT6). I believe it is there that you will find information that will support my claims. In the event that the computer has been “cleaned” of evidence, there is a safe in the basement of the shop that is sure to be filled with dirt!

A concerned citizen

RE: Not in today Edit

From: Hemingway’s Fine Spirits
To: Enro Gozeyn


Assuming your sad story is accurate, I feel compelled to remark that you suffer from the flue sicIcon sic ​with alarming frequency. I’m running a business here in Prague and it’s not the easiest thing in the world considering all the bother we’re having with augmented terrorists and such. Yet here you are, leaving me stranded with customers and orders and all the rest once again. A job isn’t a right, Enro, it’s a privilege and I’m sorry to say yours is being offered to someone of better health and reliability. You needn’t bother coming in tomorrow or any other day. I’m not a charity, Enro, even though some might say I act like one.

Alme Capys – Owner
Hemingway’s Fine Spirits

From: Enro Gozeyn
To: Hemingway’s Fine Spirits
Subject: Not in today

Ms CapyssicIcon sic. I’m not feeling well again. Think it’s the flu, I hear it’s going around. Probably won’t be in tomorrow either.


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