Environmental Resistance is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.

Environmental Resistance
"Induced keratin production strengthens all epithelial tissues and reduces the agent's vulnerability to radiation and other toxins."
- Deus Ex description

It is the complement of Aqualung - the player must choose one or the other when installing the augment in Torso slot 2.


  • TECH ONE: Toxic resistance is increased slightly.
    • Absorbs 25% of radiation and toxin damage.
  • TECH TWO: Toxic resistance is increased moderately.
    • Absorbs 50% of radiation and toxin damage.
  • TECH THREE: Toxic resistance is increased significantly.
    • Absorbs 75% of radiation and toxin damage.
  • TECH FOUR: An agent is nearly invulnerable to damage from toxins.
    • Absorbs 90% of radiation and toxin damage.

Energy Rate: 20 Units/Minute


This augmentation also reduces the amount of time your vision is impaired from poison damage (greasel or tranquilizer darts).


  1. Battery Park - Castle Clinton. In a safe in the control room.
  2. In the Hong Kong VersaLife facility. Found in the Universal Constructor Chamber on Versalife Level 2.
  3. Brooklyn Naval Shipyard - Commander's Office. This augmentation canister is in a safe in the base commander's office.