Erin Todd is an NSF Commander for the Eastern United States in 2052. While Erin does not appear directly in Deus Ex, her story and actions can be tracked through various datacubes and e-mails. She has a personal computer in the LaGuardia Airport Helibase, where she exchanges emails.


In 2052, Erin works in close contact with other key NSF figures such as Juan Lebedev, who commented that Erin has "done a lot for the cause." After the NSF fails to safeguard the stolen Ambrosia shipment and are raided by UNATCO, Erin along with her fellow NSF operatives Decker Parkes and Wayne Young escape to Europe with Smuggler's help.[1] It appears that the trio survives at least until JC Denton's arrival in Paris, as their names make it onto the MJ12 Compromised Individuals List.

Erin appears to be romantically involved with Young, and even threatens to "kill" Decker if he let Young die (though this threat might be just a figure of speech).


  • Her email is ETodd//LGANET.2378.236.36


  • "Tell Young not to get his ass shot off --you know how I feel about him. And I _will_ kill you if something happens." — In a datacube addressed to Decker.
  • "Young, If you or Decker need to access my account the login is "etodd" and the password is "saintmary" Be careful, and I'll find you after all this is over."
  • "Decker let me know that Killian dropped off a cannister recovered during the operation... Decker wasn't sure what it was, but he put it in a suspension crate on board the plane, coded to 9905, figured you'd know what to do with it."


Chris Todd, one of the writers for Deus Ex, originally planned the characters of Erin Todd, Decker Parkes and Wayne Young as MJ12 employees who go on the run:

"I had three characters who you never actually meet, but only read about in data cubes and e-mails: an older, grizzled vet, and a younger couple who are in love. Originally working for MJ12 as security, they escape the destruction of the airfield at the beginning of the game and realize that they'resicIcon sic former employers probably wouldn't be happy to see them, so they go on the run.

And, of course, wherever JC goes, they just happen to be in the same city, trying to buy passports or get out of the country. You can follow their story all the way to Paris, where I was going to have them tragically killed (there's a news item about a security bot going crazy and gunning down a bunch of folks at a cafe that's a remnant of that idea), but in the end I couldn't bring myself to do it. Of course, I couldn't figure out how to end their story, either, and since it was near the end of the development cycle...they just kind of vanish in Paris. One assumes they're probably sunning themselves in Tuscany somewhere under new identities."

— Chris Todd, Developer E-mails

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