Erin Todd's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is used by an NSF commander Erin Todd and can be found in an office on the ground floor of the LaGuardia Airport Helibase. The login is etodd and the password is saintmary


Out SickEdit

From: JHearst//LGANET.8374.832.20
To: ETodd//LGANET.2378.236.36
Subject: Out Sick

I'm not feeling so well so I think I'm going to take tomorrow off. But you and I are having a rematch on that pool game when I get back.


Quick NoteEdit

From: PubTerminal12//LGANET.783.46.63
To: ETodd//LGANET.2378.236.36
Subject: Quick Note

Killian showed up with this canister they managed to swipe from Liberty along with the Ambrosia—handed it off to me, like I'd know what to do with it. I'll load it onto the plane but then I need to get down to the dock and see what the hell's going on down there. Juan's not around, so do me a favor and let him know that the suspension crate code for this stuff is 9905—maybe he'll know what to do with it. These other monkeys can't remember their birthdays much less a code.

And tell Younger to get his ass in gear, we're not screwing around out here.


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