Evelyn Carmichael is a character in the novel Deus Ex: Fallen Angel and is mentioned in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Evelyn was Faridah Malik's best friend and co-pilot, flying for ArcAir, a triad-affiliated aviation company in Hengsha. She was deeply in love with her boyfriend, Lee Hong, believing that he had "plans and ambitions" despite Malik's insistence that Lee is nothing but a hot-head.

At one point she found out she was pregnant with Lee's child and started excitedly talking about the baby and their future, not realizing the more she talked, the more irritated Lee was becoming as he didn't wish to give up his high-rolling, partying lifestyle. Compounded by the fact that his father considered Evelyn to be below their prestigious family name, Lee attacked her in an attempt to shut her up, causing her to "freak out" before Lee ultimately beat her to death with a clock.

In an attempt to make her death look like an accident, Lee then threw her body down the stairs and told police they'd been heavily drinking. Due to his family's large investment in both LIMB International and Belltower Associates[1], her autopsy report was covered up and no investigation took place. Officially, Evelyn died of an alcohol-induced rooftop fall.[2]


  1. Evelyn's autopsy report lists her as 23 years old as of 2027.


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