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Even Prybil is a resident of the 33 Hlavní Apartments. Even and his sister Natasha can be encountered as unnamed civilians inside their apartment unit, #201, but they have no special interactions.


Even was a student studying in another county when his parents were deported to Golem City. His parents were deported when the state police discovered that they financially contributed to the Foundation For Augmented Advancement, an activist and fund-raising organization with ties to ARC and other organizations deemed to be terrorist organizations. Since his parents were considered to be terrorist colluders, their condominium unit at the 33 Hlavní Apartments would ordinarily be subject to immediate confiscation. However, because Natasha was still a minor residing at the unit with no other relatives available to take care of her, the Prybils' lawyer were able to obtained a moratorium on the confiscation of the condominium.[1]

The moratorium required Even to return to Prague to occupy the condominium and remain as Natasha's legal guardian. Even complied and returned to his parents' home. However, Even finds it daunting to take care of his sister, who is only 10 years old. Even feels that it may be better if he sends Natasha to a foster home (which would result in allowing the condominium to be confiscated).[1]


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