This page is dedicated to revealing the exact amount of experience points awarded during different stages of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with the goal of obtaining the most XP possible. By following this guide you should be able to unlock all available augmentations by the end of the game.

It contains major spoilers and presupposes good knowledge of the game's mechanics. Therefore it is not recommended as a guide on a first playthrough — refer to Deus Ex: Human Revolution walkthrough instead.

Originally this page was written for the "vanilla" version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that came out in 2011, but it can also be used as a guide for the Director's Cut version of the game. Director's Cut integrated The Missing Link DLC and Explosive Mission Pack DLC into the main game and slightly altered the boss fights, but left all other areas of the game essentially unchanged. It also made unlocking all augs significantly easier thanks to the extra praxis points you earn in The Missing Link. The details and ramifications of these changes are discussed below.


Starting Notes[edit | edit source]

Abbreviations[edit | edit source]

  • TOT: Total XP in a sub-section.
  • GTD: Getting Things Done (for completing a main mission objective).
  • COM: Completionist (for completing a side mission objective).
  • GHO: Ghost.
  • SMO: Smooth Operator.
  • SIL: Silver Tongue.
  • HAC: Covers the hacking bonuses Script Kiddie, Grey Hat, Black Hat, L33t Sk1llz and Master Hacker including XP bonuses from data nodes. Each device is listed as (LX+Y), where X is a difficulty level and Y is a sum of XP from all data nodes. Director's Cut also added Data Looter bonus which shows the sum of all extra XP bonuses from the captured data nodes. So now if, for example, you hack a Level 1 device with extra 150 extra XP instead of seeing Script Kiddie (25) + Script Kiddie (150) you will see Script Kiddie (25) + Data Looter (150).
  • EXP: Covers the exploration bonuses Traveler, Explorer, Pathfinder and Trailblazer
  • EBO: Scholar bonus for reading one of the 29 unique e-books. Reading all 29 of them will unlock the Doctorate achievement.
  • MAN(x): Number of enemies that reward you with combat XP in a particular part of the level. Note that many normally friendly NPCs may turn hostile to the player if attacked or provoked (cops in a DPD building, street policemen, armed civilians, etc.), but since no XP rewards are given for dealing with them they're not included in MAN count.
  • BOT(x): Number of bots (turrets, security bots and boxguards) in a particular part of the level
  • STD: Single Takedown.
  • DTD: Double Takedown. Double takedowns are listed in each part of a section like this: MAN(x)/DTD(y), where x is the number of enemies and y is the number of maximum possible double takedowns you can perform on them.
  • Extra XP bonuses added in the Director's Cut are shown in a turquoise color.

Sections summaries[edit | edit source]

At the end of each section you will find a summary for XP (note that DTD bonuses are listed as 25 XP, because effectively the difference between one DTD and two STDs is 125 - 2*50 = 25 XP):

Section XP: N = (P1 + P2 + ...) (where Px is XP in each part of this section)
Combat XP: C = X + Y

  • MAN(X): where X = sum of all MAN(x) from each part of this section
    • Maximum DTD: D (D*2 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = X = M*50 + D*25 = X1 + X2
  • BOT(A): where A = number of (T)urrets + number of (S)ecurity bots + number of (B)oxguards
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = Y = T*45 + S*45 + B*250 = Y1 + Y2 + Y3

Maximum Section XP: N + C
Maximum XP: Maximum XP from previous section + Maximum Section XP

Changes in the Director's Cut version[edit | edit source]

The most significant change in the Director's Cut is the integration of The Missing Link into the main game, which made the task of acquiring all available augmentations significantly easier. You can earn up to a maximum of 30 extra praxis points during The Missing Link (14 through level-up and 16 through praxis kits) in addition to the 69 praxis points in the main game, which is more than enough to get you 68 praxis points and unlock every single aug.

However, technically, it's a bit more complicated. When you pick up your equipment from the ammunition case at the end of The Missing Link there is a script check that ensures that your total praxis count does not exceed 61 points. The extraneous praxis points that you may have earned before departing from Hengsha are discarded. So, for example, if you earn 50 praxis points before you start The Missing Link and 25 points in The Missing Link itself after you complete it you will only pick up 36 kits from the ammunition case. The remaining 14 kits will be discarded.

This means that you will NOT be able to unlock all augs at the end of The Missing Link, no matter how you play in the preceding parts of the game. You will still have to collect most of the XP rewards in Singapore and Panchaea to get to 68 praxis points. Even in a best case scenario you should only be able to finish the game with 70 praxis points (with 68 points to unlock every aug and 2 points unspent).

Practically, it means that you can be much more relaxed in how you approach the majority of the game and how many XP rewards you can miss. It should be very easy to accumulate 45-50 points in the main game before departing from Hengsha and 20-25 points in The Missing Link and reach the limit of 61 points. You don't have to hack every device or get every exploration bonus or even do every side-quest to get enough XP. Most importantly you don't have to worry about performing double takedowns, which was somewhat of a requirement in the original version if you wanted to get enough XP for 68 praxis points. Just use any weapon or method you want (lethal or not) to deal with enemies — if you collect the majority of other rewards it won't make much of a difference. You also don't have to worry about destroying bots.

Director's Cut also comes with Old Noodle Factory mission that previously was only available to the owners of the Augmented Edition of the game or through the Explosive Mission Pack DLC.

Another major change in DC is the overhauled boss fights — the first three boss fights to be precise, as The Hyron Project in DC is identical to its original version. There are a new options added in each boss' arena that can help you defeat those bosses and earn some extra experience. Mostly it's security terminals or doors that you can hack and bots or turrets that you can destroy for combat XP. These extra bonuses are shown in a turquoise color. The XP guide for The Missing Link can be found on its own page and will linked to separately after the Belltower's Port section.

Other than that there are no significant alterations to the XP rewards in Director's Cut compared to the original version of the game.

Most of the remarks in this guide concerning double takedowns or maximizing XP at the cost of killing certain NPC's (like soldiers in the prologue or Diamond Chan in Rotten Business side-quest) still apply to the original version of the game. If you're playing the Director's Cut you can just ignore them.

Combat XP and Double Takedowns (DTDs)[edit | edit source]

There will be a slight variation in earned XP depending on player's chosen combat tactics and story/dialogue choices. Since this is a guide on how to maximize XP all story-related decisions are geared towards enabling the player to engage the most enemies (without role-playing considerations) and are incompatible with certain achievements, notably the Pacifist and Good Soul and (probably) Foxiest of the Hounds. Though these cases are rare and clearly marked in the guide.

Every enemy in the game is presumed to be knocked out with at least single non-lethal takedown and double takedown (whenever possible) because they net the most XP (50 XP for STD, 125/2 = 62.5 XP for each enemy in DTD). In "Combat XP" sub-section of a section summary you'll find every enemy in a level listed along with a maximum number of possible DTDs.

DTD numbers aren't just for show — all of them were tested and verified numerous times. It is also possible (but hard) to earn every Ghost and Smooth Operator bonus and knock out as much as 90% of all enemies in the game with DTDs. This strategy was used throughout this guide and is fully examined in this Double Takedowns guide.

Note that using non-lethal methods is enough to earn all but 3 Praxis points, even if never use DTD, and only use STD on 20% of enemies.  Since it's quite easy to use STD on well over 95% of enemies, there is a lot of room for error if you aren't trying for absolutely every augment.

Some enemies are tied to side-quests and will not appear until you accept a quest or complete a particular objective. They are listed like this:


  • Side-quest name:
    • MAN(x): Enemies tied to side-quest.

Augmentations build[edit | edit source]

Here is the list of augmentations required to get every XP reward listed on this page. This guide was done in stealth and takedowns-only playstyle so the augmentations choice reflects that too.

Mandatory augs

  • Quicksilver Reflex Booster (Multiple Take-Down): Enables the double takedowns and must be activated as soon as possible (ideally during the mission in the Sarif Manufacturing Plant). In this guide it is the first aug acquired.
  • Hacking: Capture (Level 2 + 3 + 4 + 5): Must be upgraded to level 5 during your first stay in Detroit to allow you to hack every available device. It also makes hacking generally easier and thus renders all other hacking augs (Hacking Stealth, Fortify, Analyze) practically useless: if you're going to capture every node to get all XP bonuses you should have a lot of "Nuke" and "Stop" viruses, so the occasional level 4-5 device won't be a problem.

Mandatory "single use" augs

  • Implanted Rebreather (Chemical Resistance): Required to enter the security room filled with toxic gas in Panchaea and hack the security terminal (500 XP). Every other gas-filled room in the game can be either avoided or cleaned of gas using a nearby valve.
  • Turret domination: Necessary in Panchaea and, with DC, also for revamped boss fights — the turrets there are inactive by default. Switching them on to "default" state is the only way to get XP for destroying them. (1 (base) + 2 (DC))x 2x45 XP that can't be gained any other way, totalling to 270 XP with DC.
  • Social Enhancer: Used to get additional 100 XP from officer Nicholas during the second visit to Detroit. Marginally useful in other cases: provides additional dialogue options and makes conversation battles easier — but never results in any additional XP options except this case.

Non-mandatory, but highly useful augs

  • Robot Domination: Makes it possible to activate the inactive security bots found throughout the high security areas of the game. Normally, bots stay inside their security stations and activate only after you trigger an alarm — which negates Smooth Operator bonus and (if bots see you) Ghost bonus. Reprogramming them to "friendly" status will 1) Activate them so they will roll out of the security stations 2) Protect you from losing the stealth bonuses 3) Enable you to destroy them as you see fit. Don't let them see the bodies of knocked out enemies, though: even if the bots are friendly to you, they will ruin your Ghost bonus if they see their former allies. If you plan to use this aug, you will it need right from the start of Tai Yong Medical section. It comes useful in Panchaea. Alternatively, you can always simply destroy bots through walls with an EMP grenade or mine without bothering about upgrading this aug.
  • Move/Throw Heavy Objects: Moving heavy objects will enable quick shortcuts through levels, provide new tactical opportunities and will make certain tasks (like stealthily hacking computers in the Police station) a lot easier.
  • Jump Enhancement: There is a lot of hidden places to explore which naturally requires a lot of jumping. And though every hidden place can be reached through crate stacking, it's hardly worth the effort.
  • Punch Through Wall: Not necessary to break the weak walls (they can be destroyed with explosives or normal weapons), but without highlighting this aug provides, it's rather hard to notice them unless you already know where to look. It will recoup its cost immediately: there is a praxis kit hidden behind breakable wall in Detroit sewers (below Derelict Row) and another kit in Hengsha sewers (below the Hung Hua Hotel).
  • Icarus Landing System: Used to circumvent Adam's low tolerance for falling damage; comes in handy during the exploration, especially in Hengsha. Also, there are few places that are hard to reach without this aug, notably the ventilation shaft in the Hengsha's Lower City Factory — but possible with some patience and exploiting of the game's physics (see this video).
  • Glass-Shield Cloaking System: Highly useful for aggressive non-lethal/Ghost playstyle. Some DTDs are very hard to perform without it.

Few words about mandatory equipment:

  • The only mandatory item (if you're aiming for 100% completion) is an EMP grenade or mine — which is the easiest way to destroy the inactive security bot in the Panchaea's Ring section without triggering an alarm and forfeiting your Smooth Operator bonus. Another way to destroy it is by shooting it through walls with a laser rifle — but it takes up much more inventory space than grenade or mine.

Ghost / Smooth Operator bugs[edit | edit source]

There is a bug present in both console versions and the recent PC build (v1.4.651.0), where some Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses may not be awarded to certain players when they complete an objective stealthily (see this video for illustration). The details about causes and occurrences are not clear, but it seems that it has something to do with save game files of former playthroughs. If you're not getting a bonus you think you should get, you're most probably affected by the bug. It is strongly recommended to remove all save game information before starting a new playthrough. For PC users, the files are located at .../Steam/userdata/*UID*/28050/. For Director's Cut replace 28050 with 238010. Removing saved games from inside the game doesn't work. Steam Cloud has to be disabled, otherwise it will restore all files from the cloud. For affected console users, creating a new profile for each playthrough seems to be the way to go.

Sarif Industries - introduction[edit | edit source]


Getting 2nd praxis early in Sarif Plant - Deus Ex Human Revolution

Videoguide: Prologue and Sarif Plant.

Although there is no HUD displaying it, all the enemies during the intro level yield XP. This is one of the situations where you have to kill someone in order to maximize XP. So if you're going for the Pacifist achievement at the same time, you will not be able to get all the listed XP bonuses. Takedowns or non-lethal neutralizations aren't possible, so you get a maximum of 20 XP (for head shots) per kill.

  • MAN(9): 9 spec ops invaders.

Maximum MAN(XP) = 180 = 9*20
Maximum XP: 180

Sarif Industries - first visit[edit | edit source]

Since we can't get any praxis points at this stage we cannot hack any of the (L2+) devices and should leave them all for later, including Jensen's computer (L3). Spending too long during your first visit will kill the hostages in Lab 1.

  • GTD(150): Talk to Pritchard about the retinal display.
  • EBO(200): Book on Pritchard's desk (1/29).
  • EXP(200): Vent shaft in the helipad service access area.
  • GTD(150): Board the chopper.

Additional XP:

Do this only if you're aiming for maximum XP and going to do all possible DTD in Sarif Plant, otherwise you will lose more XP than you gain. You can "metagame" a bit: use the code 4145 on the office #27 door lock and get these 3 bonuses (instead getting them on your return to Sarif Industries).

  • EBO(400): Two books in offices 25 and 27 (4&5/29).
  • EXP(100): Vent connecting offices 25-27.

Maximum Section XP: 700/1200
Maximum XP: 880/1380

Sarif Manufacturing Plant[edit | edit source]

How to get second praxis point early


Double takedowns in Sarif Plant - Deus Ex Human Revolution

Videoguide on double takedowns in Sarif Plant with the remainder of the mission.

It is possible to get second praxis point in the Sarif Plant BEFORE confronting Zeke Sanders and WITHOUT knocking out most of the enemies (see the video above). This way you can maximize your XP by activating Reflex Booster and performing as many DTDs as possible. Exactly how early it will become available depends on previous choices. In our case, we've killed every soldier in the Introduction (180 XP) and "meta-gamed" in Sarif Industries (1200 XP). With every possible XP bonus in Sarif Plant except for combat XP we should have: Intro:180 + SI1:1200 + SP1:800 + SP2:650 + SP3:1300 + SP4:550 = 4680 XP. Destroying the turret near the server room (45 XP) and knocking out 6 enemies with STD (6*50=300 XP) should get XP to 5025, which is enough for second praxis. Since we have to hack 10 computers in the Admin Building it's advisable to knock out 5 enemies there, plus one enemy from the lab before the serve room (with 5 enemies). It will leave 26 enemies to perform DTD on — and it is possible to knock all of them out with DTD (see the video to the right). Before completing the Milwaukee Junction mission if the hostages were saved, speak with Greg Thorpe by the helicopter pad before leaving to prevent missing out on the mission 'One Good Turn Deserves Another.'

Part I - Enter the Complex[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(4)/DTD(2): 4 in the courtyard.
  • EXP(100): Electrified area on the roof.
  • GTD(200): Enter the main building.
  • GHO(500)

Part XP: 800

Part II - Free the Hostages[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(18)/DTD(9): 5 in loading hall, 3 around recreation area, 2 at reception, 4 in factoring labs, 1 in storage room 01, 1 in corridor with a camera, 2 in head office.
  • EXP(200): 2 vents: to hostage room and to storage room (100 each).
  • HAC(50): Door to the factoring lab (L1), bomb (L1).
  • GTD(400): Save the hostages (secondary).

Part XP: 650

Part III - Find the Typhoon[edit | edit source]

The first praxis kit (1/21) can be found lying on the ground after going to the server room level.

  • MAN(5)/DTD(2): 3 in main room, 1 in storage room 02, 1 in storage room 03. We perfrom STD on one of the enemies in this area.
  • BOT(1): Turret guarding the entrance to admin room.
  • EXP(200): Vent to storage room 02, vent in the turret corridor.
  • EBO(200): Book inside security room under the cardboard box (2/29).
  • HAC(25): Door (L1) to the second lab.
  • HAC(125): Security hub near the turret (L1+100).
  • GTD(250): Enter the server room.
  • GHO(500)

Part XP: 1300

Part IV - Deal with Zeke[edit | edit source]

Talk to Josie and Greg Thorpe after completing the secondary objectives to trigger a side-quest later on.

  • MAN(5)/DTD(0): 5 enemies around the cubicles (6 with Zeke Sanders, but he's not included since confronting him physically is suboptimal for XP). We have to knock out at least 6 enemies before we get enough XP for second praxis and Reflex Booster — it is recommended to perform STDs on these 5 in addition to one STD above.
  • EXP(100): Vent connecting restroom with office.
  • EBO(200): Book on a table in the room before Zeke (3/29).
  • HAC(275): 11 hackable computers (11xL1): 10 computers in the cubicles and 11th in the same room as Zeke.
  • GTD(750): Rescue Josie (secondary).
  • SIL(1000): Persuade Zeke to let Josie go.
  • GTD(1750): Confront Zeke Sanders.
  • GHO(500)
  • GTD(250): Secure the Hostages (updated).
  • GTD(750): Meet Malik on the roof.

Part XP: 5575

Section XP: 8325
Combat XP: 1970

  • MAN(32)
    • Maximum DTD: 13 (26 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 1925 = 32*50 + 13*25 = 1600 + 325
  • BOT(1): 1 turret
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 45 = 1*45

Maximum Section XP: 10295
Maximum XP: 11675

Sarif Industries - second visit[edit | edit source]

You'll have to upgrade your "Hacking: Capture" aug to Level 5 to hack all the locked doors and computers in Sarif HQ during your stay in Detroit, so plan accordingly. Do not hack your own computer yet, first see the section Detroit City - First visit: "The Alley".

  • GTD(1000): Give Typhoon to Pritchard.
  • GTD(1000): Meet with Sarif.
  • COM(500): Go to my office. Accept Lesser Evils from Tim Carella.
  • HAC(825): 11 office doors (8xL2, 2xL3, L4) and the helipad storage door (L5), computer (L2) in office 32. Again, do not hack your own computer until you hack the door and safe in Thorpe's apartment.
  • EBO(400/0): Two books in offices 25 and 27 (4&5/29).
  • EXP(300/200): 2 vents: between offices 25-27 and offices 32-34, the helipad storage (100 each).


If you've followed the advice to maximize XP from the Sarif Industries - first visit section, then you'll lose some XP here, since you won't be able to hack office #27 door (L2) resulting in a loss of 50 XP. Also 500 XP = EBO(400)+EXP(100) are already included in "Section XP" above. But taking these bonuses early is actually beneficial for XP in the long run: with additional 500 XP you'll have to do 10 STD less in Sarif Plant and can perform 5 DTD instead: 5*25 = 125 XP. Even accounting for the missed HAC(50), this strategy still nets 125 - 50 = 75 XP more. We include this bonus in "Maximum XP" in this section and on this page in general.

Section XP: 4600/4050
Maximum XP: 15650/15725

Detroit City - first visit[edit | edit source]

Accept the side-quest Motherly Ties as you exit Sarif HQ.

Southern Detroit & LIMB Clinic[edit | edit source]

  • EXP(100): On top of the dumpster in the alley east of Sarif HQ.
  • Voices from the Dark side-quest (given after the completion of Investigating the Suicide Terrorist):
    • COM(750): Talk with "mysterious informant".
    • MAN(3)/DTD(1): Once you complete the above quest you can knock out Zeke along with his two friends. It's highly recommended not to kill him, so he can appear again later.
  • HAC(275): Garage door (L3+200) in the same alley.
    • EXP(100): Area inside garage.
  • EXP(200): "Balcony" across the street of Sarif HQ entrance.
  • EXP(100): Fenced area behind the bus station.
  • HAC(350): Door (L4+250) behind the "Il Metamorfoso" billboard next to the LIMB clinic.
    • EXP(200): Area on top of the gas station.
  • HAC(50): Garage door (L2) across from Convention Center.
    • EXP(100): Area inside garage.
  • EXP(100): Vent inside Convention Center restroom.
  • GTD(1000): Meet with Doctor Marcovic (inside LIMB Clinic). You can buy 2 praxis kits here (2&3/21).
    • EBO(200): Book on a table in the back hallway of LIMB Clinic (6/29).

Part XP: 3525

"The Alley"[edit | edit source]

Southern Downtown Apartments (Thorpe's and Chase's building), TOT(1275):

  • MAN(1): unnamed punk (the one with black mohawk) standing near the door to Detective Chase's building who rewards you with normal combat XP.
  • COM(100): Locate Detective Chase's building.
  • COM(100): Meet with Detective Chase.
  • HAC(25): Greg Thorpe's apartment (L1).
  • HAC(50): Safe (L2) behind picture frame.
  • COM(750): After you've hacked the safe, go back to Sarif HQ and hack the computer in your office, accepting the side-quest One Good Turn Deserves Another. Then return here and meet with Greg Thorpe, completing the quest.
  • HAC(50): Safe (L2) behind picture frame (again).
  • EBO(200): Book inside Thorpe's bedroom (7/29).

Eastern Downtown Apartments (accessed via the roof), TOT(275):

  • HAC(150): Apartment door (L2+100).
    • EXP(100): Apartment.
    • HAC(25): Computer (L1).

Western Downtown Apartments, TOT(5700):

  • HAC(250): Gate (L2+200).
  • EXP(200): Climbing over the gate (you'll have to stack crates or use the nearby tree to get there).
  • EXP(100): Area at the far right end from the gate.
  • HAC(125): Tindall's apartment door on ground floor (L1+100).
  • Lesser Evils side-quest:
    • COM(300): Locate Tindall's Apartment building.
    • COM(300): Gain access to Tindall's Apartment.
    • COM(300): Investigate Tindall's Computer.
    • MAN(1): Angry customer aka "Junkie".
  • HAC(25): O'Malley's apartment door on 1st floor (L1).
    • HAC(100): Bedroom door (L4).
    • EXP(200): Bedroom.
    • HAC(50): O'Malley's computer (L1+25).
    • HAC(75): Safe (L3) behind picture frame.
    • Cloak & Daggers side-quest:
      • COM(300): Locate O'Malley's apartment.
      • COM(300): Find at least one piece of incriminating evidence.
      • (after you receive the objective "Deal with O'Malley" from Jenny)
      • COM(100): Go to O'Malley's apartment.
      • COM(300): Neutralize O'Malley. Talk to O'Malley, listen to his offer, decline, then take him down. Every other option awards 100 XP.
      • COM(1000): Return to Jenny.
  • HAC(375): "Chop Clinic" apartment door on 2nd floor (L5+250).
    • EXP(200): Chop Clinic apartment.
    • HAC(200): Bedroom door (L2+150).
    • EBO(200): Book on the desk near computer (8/29).
    • HAC(25): Computer (L1).
    • HAC(375): Cage gate (L5+250).
      • EXP(100): Storage behind the gate with praxis kit (4/21) inside.
  • EXP(200): Roof of the building.

Northern Downtown Apartments (via escape ladder, by window on 2nd or 3rd floor), TOT(2450):

  • HAC(150): first apartment door on 2nd floor (L2+100).
    • EXP(100): Apartment.
    • HAC(150): Computer (L2+100).
    • HAC(75): Safe (L3) behind picture frame.
  • Seurat's Apartment (2nd floor):
    • EBO(200): Book inside Seurat's bedroom (9/29).
    • HAC(400): Safe (L4+300) on desk.
  • MCB gang's apartment on 3rd floor:
    • MAN(2)/DTD(1): 2 MCB gang members. They appear regardless of whether Cloak & Daggers side-quest is active or not.
    • HAC(75): Bedroom door (L3).
    • EXP(300): Bedroom.
    • HAC(50): Computer (L2).
    • Cloak & Daggers side-quest:
      • MAN(4)/DTD(2): Double-T and 3 additional MCB gang members.
      • COM(100): Locate the MCB Gang's hideout.
      • COM(100): Knock out Double-T.
      • COM(750): Neutralize all MCB opposition (for dealing with all 5 MCB gang members).

Basketball Court, TOT(3025):

  • Lesser Evils side-quest:
    • COM(100): (south end) Meet with Tindall. Offer to help him.
    • COM(100): (north end) Locate the two dealers.
    • MAN(2)/DTD(1): Two dealers near the basketball court. They're not tied to the quest like other NPCs, but it's more rewarding to deal with them after getting the objective.
    • COM(750): Neutralize the two dealers.
    • COM(100): Return to Tindall.
    • COM(100): Obtain security footage.
    • COM(1000): Return to Carella, completing Lesser Evils.
  • HAC(125): Garage door (L5) near the basketball court.
    • EXP(300): Garage.
    • HAC(350): Laser system terminal (L4+250).
  • EXP(100): Passage behind damaged fence near the basketball court.

Part XP: 12725

Eastern Detroit[edit | edit source]

Note: Both hackable doors to the police station can be hacked twice by entering the door after the hack is finished, but before the console finishes closing. This can be done starting from either side of the door.

  • Sewers, TOT(475):
    • (it is recommended to upgrade Punch Through Wall)
    • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall (west).
    • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall (south).
    • HAC(75): Police basement door (L3). Make sure to enter the door as soon as you finish the hack in order to hack the other side.
  • EXP(300): Area in the middle of electrified corridor.
  • EXP(200): Area behind the barricade west of the electrified corridor's northern exit.
  • HAC(50): Police back entrance door (L2) on rescue stairs. Just like with the door in the sewers, enter the door as soon as you are done hacking in order to hack the other side.
  • EXP(100): On top to the rescue stairs to the roof.
  • Cloak & Daggers side-quest:
    • COM(100): Meet with O'Malley (behind police station).
  • Motherly Ties side-quest:
    • HAC(125): DMPD garage door (L1+100)
    • COM(100): Locate the DMPD storage unit.
    • COM(300): Find all evidence related to the case.
    • HAC(75): Safe (L3) on table.

Part XP: 1825

Police Station[edit | edit source]

There are 2 different ways to finish the main mission objective Investigating the Suicide Terrorist:

  1. SIL(1000): Reach the morgue freely by convincing Haas to let you in.
  2. GHO(500)+SMO(250): Reach the morgue without permission, staying undetected.

The bonuses of methods 1. and 2. are mutually exclusive. In either case, none of the NPCs inside the station yield any XP, even if hostile. So even if you lose the persuasion game on purpose (Life Lesson (100)) and follow method 2, it is still 150 XP behind method 1.

The door to the morgue and one laser system terminal will turn green once you persuade Haas, losing their hacking bonus. So take the sewer entrance first and hack them beforehand.

  • HAC(75): Police basement door (L3) (again).
  • HAC(50): Laser system terminal (L2) in the basement near the sewer entrance.
  • HAC(75): Morgue door (L1+50) (disabled after convincing Haas).
  • HAC(50): Laser system terminal (L2) securing door leading to the upper levels (disabled after convincing Haas). After you done these 4 hacks, exit using the sewers and reenter the police station through the main entrance.
  • SIL(1000): Convince Haas to let you in.

Basement, TOT(2900) (four hacks (250 XP) from the beginning of the level are not included):

  • GTD(1750): Retrieve the neural hub.
  • HAC(350): 2 alarm panels (2xL3+100).
  • HAC(250): Security hub (L2+200).
  • HAC(250): Coroner's computer (L2+200).
  • EBO(200): Book on the coroner's desk (10/29).
  • EXP(100): Vent between stairs and holding cells office.

Deus Ex Human Revolution. Pacifist Hacker (Police Station)

Hacking an occupied computer in the Police Station without killing police officer.

Note: It is possible to hack every computer in the police station (including the ones occupied by police officers: 5 on the Ground floor and 3 on the 3rd floor) and not to kill, knock out anybody or raise an alarm. I.e. get maximum XP and preserve your Pacifist and Foxiest of the Hounds achievements (see the video to the right).

Ground level, TOT(2600):

  • HAC(1275): 10 computers (3xL1, 3xL1+50, 3xL1+200, L2+250).
  • HAC(100): 2 doors (2xL2).
  • HAC(150): Security hub (L2+100).
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3).
  • EXP(500): Frezell's office (200), reception office (200), vent (100) in men's restroom.
  • Motherly Ties side-quest:
    • COM(100): Go to the police station lobby.
    • (after you hack office's Wagner computer)
    • COM(100): Meet with office Wagner.
    • COM(300): Obtain information from Officer Wagner.

Level 2, TOT(2550):

  • Motherly Ties side-quest:
    • COM(300): Locate Captain Penn's office.
    • COM(750): Investigate Captain Penn's Computer.
  • HAC(50): Police back entrance door (L2) (again).
  • HAC(250): 2 computers (L2, L2+150).
  • HAC(225): Security hub (L3+150).
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3).
  • HAC(100): 2 office doors (2xL2).
  • HAC(100): 2 laser system terminals (2xL2).
  • EXP(700): Leboef's office (200), Penn's office (200), vent behind offices (100), armory (200).

Level 3, TOT(2175):

  • Motherly Ties side-quest:
    • COM(300): Locate Officer Wagner's office.
    • COM(750): Investigate Officer Wagner's office (read e-mail on his computer).
  • HAC(275): 7 computers (6xL1, L1+100).
  • HAC(75): 3 doors (3xL1).
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3).
  • EXP(700): 3 vents (left, right, roof access, 100 each), 2 offices (200 each).

Part XP: 11475

Northern Detroit & Derelict Row[edit | edit source]

You may want to enter Derelict Row and neutralize all opposition before receiving either mission pertaining to it, so you don't risk your Ghost or secondary objective bonus. You can also deactivate the antenna before receiving the mission for it (you'll get a little chat with Sarif on how you outsmarted Pritchard). Whether you wait for the mission to be official or not, you will be rewarded with the same amount of XP.

Talk to Jenny Alexander and accept Cloak & Daggers side-quest.

Chiron building, Adam's apartment, TOT(2425):

  • Motherly Ties side-quest.
    • COM(1000): Return to Cassandra Reed.
  • HAC(125): Secret stash (L1+100) behind TV.
  • EXP(100): Walk to secret stash.
  • EBO(200): Book on night stand (11/29).
  • GTD(1000): Use Adam's computer to analyze the hub.

Streets and Derelict Row, TOT(8875):

  • MAN(35)/DTD(16): DRB gang members. 8 near the DRB territory entrance (there is a bug where one gang member doesn't spawn, making you lose 75 XP), 4 in the sewers, 23 in the Derelict Row (including 2 DRBs behind the breakable wall on top floor with elevator shaft).
  • HAC(50): Garage door (L2) in southern alley leading to "The Alley".
    • EXP(100): Garage.
  • EXP(100): Inside a container in the dead-end, west of the Chiron building.
  • Cloak & Daggers side-quest.
    • (after you meet with O'Malley behind the Police Station — see Easter Detroit)
    • COM(100): Retrieve O'Malley's package.
    • COM(100): Go to Derelict Row.
    • COM(750): Locate the DRB weapons cache.
    • COM(100): Identify O'Malley's weapon shipment.
    • COM(1000): Return to Jenny, accepting the follow-up mission.
    • COM(750): Remain undetected while in DRB territory (secondary).
    • (see Western Downtown Apartments for further details)
  • EXP(100): Weapons cache area (must be reached during the Cloak & Daggers side-quest).
  • EXP(100): Roof of building accessed through escape stairs in alley opposite of the Chiron building.
  • EXP(200): Top the of fire stairs across the same roof, above the weak wall, where the last set of stairs is broken. Jump Enhancement helps a lot, although you can also use a barrel from an area behind the breakable wall to jump atop air conditioner.
  • HAC(75): Door to DRB gang's weapons garage (L3).
    • EXP(200): DRB gang's weapons garage.
  • EXP(200): Cache sealed behind the breakable wall in the sewers with praxis kit (5/21) inside.

DX HR easy derelict row shaft bonus

Getting exploration bonus in the elevator shaft without Icarus Landing System aug

  • EXP(200): Deep shaft in the South-West end of Derelict Row. Entry point through fire escape & weak wall in northern Detroit (see video).
  • EXP(300): Elevator shaft with crates/vent shaft leading to the rocket launcher.
  • EXP(100): Fenced hobo area (northern-most part of Derelict Row).
  • HAC(75): Door (L3) to the building with rocket launcher inside, accessible only from the hobo area. (opening from inside loses XP)
  • EBO(200): Book inside the Derelict Row basement on top of the barrels (12/29).
  • HAC(75): The antenna (L1+50).
  • GTD(2500) Locate and shut down the antenna.
  • GHO(500)
  • GTD(1000): Go to the helipad in Derelict Row (leave the area).

Part XP: 11300

Section XP: 40850
Combat XP: 2925

  • MAN(48): 1 unnamed punk, 3 "Purity First" members, 1 "Junkie", 2 Tindall's thugs, 6 MCB gang members (including Double-T), 35 DRB gang members.
    • Maximum DTD: 21 (42 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 2925 = 48*50 + 21*25 = 2400 + 525

Maximum Section XP: 43775
Maximum XP: 59500

Highland Park[edit | edit source]

Abandoned Factory[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(12)/DTD(6): 6 patrolling the courtyard area; 6 inside the factory (5 on lower level, 1 sniper on catwalks). For the 6th DTD, you have to throw the sniper down from the catwalks to lower level by throwing a heavy crate at him.
  • GTD(1000): Investigate the area.
  • EXP(100): Scaffolding, west of the main entrance.
  • HAC(75): Gate (L3) west of the main entrance, leading to roof access ladder.
  • HAC(125): Laser system terminal (L2+75) at eastern factory entrance.
  • HAC(175): Security hub (L3+100) inside head office.
  • HAC(50): Computer (L2) inside container office.
  • EXP(100): Vent shaft connecting the factory levels.
  • GTD(2500): Infiltrate the mercenary compound.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)

Part XP: 4875

F.E.M.A. Detention Center[edit | edit source]

The detention center can be divided into a northern and a southern part, connected by a corridor. Each part can be further divided into one upper (2) and one lower (1) level. It's recommended to clear Level 2 of each part first, as the enemies there tend to see what's going on below.

  • MAN(16)/DTD(8): 5 in the Northern part, 2 in the corridor, 9 in the Southern part. For 7th and 8th DTD, you have to pair each of 2 soldiers from the corridor with a soldier from Northern and Southern parts.
  • BOT(2): 1 turret, 1 boxguard.

Northern part, TOT(250):

  • HAC(100): 2 alarm panels (2xL2) on Level 2.
  • HAC(50): Alarm panel (L2) on Level 1.
  • EXP(100): Vent shaft under the floor of Level 1.

Corridor, TOT(725):

  • HAC(175): Security hub (L3+100) on Level 2.
    • EXP(300): Armory opened by security hub.
  • HAC(250): Computer (L2+75) and security hub (L2+75) on Level 1.

Southern part, TOT(2275):

  • Level 2, TOT(650):
    • HAC(175): 2 alarm panels (L2, L2+75).
    • HAC(300): 3 computers (L2, L3, L3+100).
    • HAC(175): Security hub (L3+100).
  • Level 1, TOT(1625):
    • HAC(350): 4 alarm panels (2xL2, 2xL2+75).
    • HAC(150): 3 doors (L1, L2, L3).
    • HAC(125): Laser system terminal (L2+75).
    • HAC(175): Computer (L3+100) in recreation area.
    • HAC(125): Security hub (L2+75) near the elevator.
    • EXP(100): Vent system below holding cells.
    • EXP(200): Vent around laser grid.
    • EXP(200): Office in recreation area.
    • EBO(200): Book inside the recreation area office (13/29).

Basement, TOT(6000):

  • GTD(1750): Locate the mercenary leader.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • Director's Cut additions (365):
    • HAC(25): Security hub (L1) on the 2nd floor than unlocks the doors to the storage area on the ground floor.
    • HAC(150): Storage room (L2+100) with 2 turrets inside.
    • HAC(25): Door (L1) to the security room.
    • HAC(75): Security hub (L1+50) controlling the turrets.
    • BOT(2): 2 inactive turrets (2x45). If you want to get the XP rewards for destroying you have to activate them first using the security hub (switch them to "default" state).
  • GTD(2500): Defeat Barrett.
  • GTD(1000): Meet Malik at our original landing site.

Part XP: 9250

Section XP: 14125
Combat XP: 2045

  • MAN(28): 12 in Abandoned Factory, 16 in F.E.M.A. Detention Center.
    • Maximum DTD: 14 (28 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 1750 = 28*50 + 14*25 = 1400 + 350
  • BOT(2): 1 turret, 1 boxguard.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 295 = 1*45 + 1*250

Maximum Section XP: 16170
Maximum XP: 75670

Sarif Industries - third visit[edit | edit source]

Don't forget to read all 3 e-mails Sarif sends to Adam's computer after the social battle in order to trigger the Acquaintances Forgotten side-quest later on.

  • COM(1000): Meet with Pritchard in my office.
  • HAC(125): Pritchard's computer (L5). It will become hackable before meeting with Pritchard or after you meet with Sarif and report back to Pritchard.
  • COM(1000): Confront Sarif about the security leak.
  • SIL(1000): Win the social battle with Sarif.
  • GTD(1000): Meet Sarif in the penthouse.
  • GTD(1000): Meet Malik at the helipad.

Maximum Section XP: 5125
Maximum XP: 80795

Hengsha - first visit[edit | edit source]

Kuaigan District[edit | edit source]

2 praxis kits (6&7/21) can be bought at the LIMB clinic.

  • Hung Hua Hotel:
    • HAC(175): Room door on level 4 (L3+100).
      • MAN(1): TYM guard inside room on Level 4. Steal his smart card from the table. XP reward is the same no matter when you steal it — right away or after acquiring the objective later.
    • HAC(200): Security hub (L2) and safe (L2+100) on Level 1.
  • Accept Rotten Business side-quest from Mei inside the Hung Hua Hotel:
    • COM(100): Speak to Chuanli.
    • COM(300): Find Ning.
    • COM(750): Convince Chuanli to reveal Ning's location (pay 2000 credits or use Alpha pheromones).
    • COM(300): Find Ning (updated).
      • MAN(3)/DTD(1): 3 Ning's guards.
    • COM(750): Eliminate Ning's guards.
    • HAC(75): Door of Ning's garage (L2+25).
    • COM(100): Speak to Ning.
    • COM(1000): Return to Mei. Accept next part, ask for another way.
    • COM(1000): Return to Mei (after the second part of the quest is completed).
  • Shanghai Justice side quest:
    • (see Alice Garden Pods)
    • COM(100): Meet the LIMB contact (inside LIMB clinic).
    • COM(100): Obtain the autopsy report (behind LIMB clinic).
    • COM(100): Read Evelyn's autopsy report.
    • (after Youzhao District & The Hive)
    • COM(100): Meet Malik outside. Receive praxis kit (8/21).
    • COM(1000): Face the Hive exterior.
  • EXP(300): 3 areas behind breakable walls (100 each) in the Kuaigan sewers. There is a praxis kit (9/21) inside the area below Hung Hua Hotel.
  • EXP(1100): Total of 11 storage rooms of street shops (100 each).
  • HAC(50): Safe (L2) inside a shop south of Hung Hua Hotel.
  • HAC(125): Garage (L2+75) in small alley west of Hung Hua Hotel.
  • HAC(50): Garage next to Youzhao exit, west of Hung Hua Hotel (top level).
  • HAC(50): Garage (L2) near Kuaigan sewer exit west of The Hive with target-leading system upgrade inside.
  • EXP(300): Platform above Kuaigan sewer exit west of The Hive.
  • EXP(100): Vent to the Hive restrooms.
  • EXP(100): Balcony (with burst round system upgrade) further along the roof passage east of Hung Hua Hotel where you speak with Chuanli.
  • EXP(100): Balcony with P.E.P.S. ammo half a level below the balcony above.
  • HAC(475): 4 garages (3xL2, L2+75) with 2 safes (L2, L2+100) across from Alice Garden Pods.
  • HAC(50): Garage (L2) across the LIMB clinic.
  • HAC(100): Garage (L2) with safe (L2) above the metro station west of the LIMB clinic.
  • MAN(8)/DTD(4): 8 Belltower security guards that appear near the Alice Garden Pods after the ambush. The guards will sometimes not spawn if you do not move immediately upon leaving the building, so make sure to move forward as soon as you can move.

Part XP: 9050

Youzhao District[edit | edit source]

  • EXP(300): 3 storage rooms of street shops (100 each) including the one with long passage down.
    • HAC(25): Safe (L1) in the back of the store near Kuaigan exit.
  • HAC(25): Gate (L1) leading to the store near Kuaigan exit.
  • EXP(100): Area behind a fence above the store near Kuaigan exit.
  • EXP(100): Area between two weak walls above the store near Kuaigan exit.
  • HAC(75): Apartment door (L1+50) at near the top level exit to Kuaigan.
    • EBO(200): Book inside the apartment near the top level exit to Kuaigan (14/29).
    • HAC(25): Safe (L1) inside the apartment near the top level exit to Kuaigan.
  • HAC(25): Apartment door (L1) next to Diamond Chan's Apartment.
  • HAC(175): 3 apartment doors (L1, 2xL1+50) inside downtown apartments building.
    • EBO(200): Book inside the downtown apartment on level 2 (15/29).
  • HAC(25): Safe (L1) inside shop northeast of downtown apartments.
  • HAC(25): Garage (L1) on Pandeng Road, to the right of Hengsha Court Gardens entrance.
  • HAC(50): Garage (L2) in alley south of the Harvester hideout.
  • HAC(50): Garage (L2) at the southern end of Youzhao.
  • Hengsha Court Gardens area. Hunting the Hacker mission:
    • MAN(16)/DTD(7): 9 guarding the main entrance, 2 on the roof, 5 inside the apartments.
    • HAC(25): Roof door (L1) south of apartment complex.
    • HAC(100): Apartment door (L1+50) with safe (L1) to the right of the penthouse hallway.
    • HAC(100): Apartment door (L1+50) with safe (L1) to the far right of the penthouse hallway.
    • HAC(150): Apartment door (L1) with safe (L1+100) to the far left of the penthouse hallway.
    • HAC(100): Apartment door (L1) with safe (L1+50) to the left of the penthouse hallway.
      • EBO(200): Book inside the left hand apartment (16/29).
    • EXP(200): Hengsha Court Gardens elevator shaft with praxis kit (10/21) at the bottom.
    • HAC(75): Windmill's computer (L1+50).
    • GTD(2500): Investigate the penthouse apartment.
    • GHO(500): Can be obtained before taking out the guards.
  • Bar Tab side-quest:
    • (see The Hive)
    • HAC(350): 3 communication relay terminals (2xL2, L2+200).
    • COM(900): Disable three communication relays (300 for each).
    • COM(100): Go to Jaya's building.
    • COM(100): Meet with Jaya. Offer help but do not collect money from her (750 XP) because it's less beneficial than convincing Bobby (1000 XP).
  • Rotten Business side-quest:
    • COM(300): Enter Diamond Chan's Apartment.
    • MAN(1) [50 XP]: Diamond Chan. The only option here is to perform non-lethal takedown on him (50).
    • COM(100): Knockout Chan.
    • COM(100): Plant the drugs.
    • COM(300): Kill Chan (by shooting his unconscious body). XP reward for completing the quest stays the same (1000). There is also an option to drop Chan off the roof (100 XP), but it's incompatible with other choices. You'll lose Pacifist if you complete this objective.
  • Shanghai Justice side-quest:
    • (see Alice Garden Pods, Kuaigan District)
    • HAC(75): Lee's apartment door (L3).
    • COM(300): Find Lee's apartment.
    • COM(100): Find Lee (not).
    • HAC(150): Lee's computer (L2+100).
    • COM(750): Search Lee's apartment.

Part XP: 9025

The Hive[edit | edit source]

As in the Police station situation, there are two mutually exclusive ways to complete Find and speak with Tong Si Hung objective (we choose the first option since it's worth 400 XP more):

  1. SIL(1000): Win the social battle with the barkeeper.
  2. GHO(500) + Life Lesson (100): Sneak inside the basement's ventilation shaft and eavesdrop on Tong's conversation after failing to convince him.

  • GTD(250): Get inside the Hive nightclub.
  • GTD(750): Find and speak with Tong Si Hung.
  • SIL(1000): Win the social battle with the barkeeper. Hack the L4 door near the restrooms before you initiate the conversation to avoid losing XP for it.
  • GTD(1000): Meet with Tong in his office.
    • EBO(200): Book inside Tong's office (17/29).
  • HAC(350): Door (L4+250) next to main entrance. Guards will turn hostile if you hack it in front of them, so you'll need an upgraded invisibility cloak aug and at least 2 (better 3 or 4) charged batteries to hack it without starting a fight and alerting the whole club.
  • EBO(200): Book inside reception office (18/29).
  • HAC(150): Safe (L3), computer (L1), and security hub (L2) inside reception office.
  • HAC(100): Door (L4) near the restrooms. It will become unlocked after you win the social battle, so hack it before that.
  • HAC(125): Door (L5) near Tong's counter (upstairs). You'll have to either use invisibility before starting a hack or take down the nearby guard first.
  • HAC(125): Door (L5) between Tong's and restroom doors (basement area).
  • HAC(300): Door (L2+250) to interrogation room (basement area).
  • Accept Bar Tab side-quest before leaving The Hive.
    • (see Youzhao District)
    • COM(1000): Convince Bobby Bao to leave Jaya alone (pay 5000 credits).
    • COM(1000): Bring Jaya's payment to Bobby Bao (although we didn't). Receive praxis kit (11/21).
  • Shanghai Justice side-quest:
    • (see Alice Garden Pods, Kuaigan District, Youzhao District)
    • COM(100): Get inside the Hive.
    • COM(100): Find Lee in the Hive.
    • COM(100): Speak to Lee and pick the correct responses (see the quest page).
    • COM(750): Walk away from Lee.
    • HAC(75): Hive security terminal (L3).
    • COM(750): Disable the Hive terminal's security protocols.

Part XP: 8425

Alice Garden Pods[edit | edit source]

  • Hunting the Hacker mission:
    • GTD(1000): Meet Van Bruggen in the Alice Garden Pods.
    • GTD(1000): Steal an employee card from a TYM guard (completes immediately if you already have the card).
    • GTD(1000): Bring the employee card to Van Bruggen.
    • GTD(1000): Escape the Alice Garden Pods ambush. Awarded after you leave the building.
    • GHO(500)
  • Accept the Shanghai Justice side-quest from Malik:
    • COM(100): Check pod #009.
  • HAC(25): Alarm panel in the reception.
  • HAC(200): Door (L3) to reception office with computer (L3) and safe (L2).
  • EBO(200): Book inside pod #143 (19/29).
  • EXP(200): Area above the shop / behind weak wall in section 4.
  • HAC(75): Security hub (L3) inside the showers (during the ambush).
  • MAN(18)/DTD(9): Belltower soldiers that ambush the hotel after you bring the employee card to Van Bruggen. In order to perform the DTD with the soldier in the locker room, you must pair him with Narhari Kahn, as the ogres cannot be thrown down the main stairway.
  • BOT(1): Turret in the showers.

Part XP: 5300

Section XP: 31800
Combat XP: 2870

  • MAN(46): 1 TYM guard in Hung Hua Hotel, 3 Ning's guards, 16 Belltower soldiers in Hengsha Court Gardens, 18 in Alice Garden Pods, 8 in Kuaigan District after the ambush (there is also Diamond Chan, but he's not included since taking him down is part of the quest).
    • Maximum DTD: 21 (42 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 2825 = 46*50 + 21*25 = 2300 + 525
  • BOT(1): 1 turret in Alice Garden Pods.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 45 = 1*45

Maximum Section XP: 34670
Maximum XP: 115465

Tai Yong Medical[edit | edit source]

It is generally possible to stealth rush all the objectives up to the final extraction at the hangar (see the Penthouse part) for the GHO/SMO bonuses and then return for the rest without having to worry about them. This could be the preferred way to handle this part if you have problems with stealth, as the civilians/security bots tend to blow your Ghost bonuses, sometimes for no obvious reason. Like, for example, if a bot sees a body of its former ally (even after you reprogram it to friendly status), your Ghost will get ruined.

Lower City Factory[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(5)/DTD(2)
  • BOT(2): 2 inactive security bots hidden inside security stations. You will need Robot Domination aug if you want to destroy them without risking triggering an alarm or losing Ghost bonus. Knock every human enemy first, hide their bodies, then reprogram the bots to friendly status using nearby security hub and destroy them. Alternatively, you can follow the advice above and rush through the areas and then return back, trigger alarm(s) and deal with the bots without fearing for stealth bonuses — but it will take more time and negate the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement. The easiest way to destroy them is with EMP grenades/mines — this way you won't need any additional augs, but you will still have to take down human enemies and hide their bodies from bots. These tactics apply to every other bot in Tai Yong Medical area.
  • Main Mission, TOT(4250):
    • GTD(1000): Go to TYM via the employee shuttle.
    • GTD(750): Rescue a TYM employee.
    • GTD(1750): Enter TYM's tower.
    • GHO(500)
    • SMO(250)
  • HAC(25): Door (L1) at the beginning of the map.
  • HAC(125): Door (L3+50) to chemical storage A-4.
  • HAC(175): Alarm panel near chemical storage A-4.
  • HAC(25): Door (L1) to chemical storage A-3.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel inside control room.
  • HAC(50): Maintenance catwalk terminal.
  • EXP(300): Storage room at far end catwalk position.
  • EXP(300): Storage room at near end catwalk position.
  • HAC(50): Security hub (L2) inside security room.
  • EXP(300): Maintenance shaft below water level.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3) on the north side of the bridges.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3) on the south side of the bridges.
  • HAC(150): Laser system terminal (L2+100) on the south side of the bridges near the bot pen.
  • HAC(225): Door (L3+150) to filtration room.
  • HAC(75): Door (L3) to pump room A-3.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel near pump room A-3.
  • HAC(50): Cage door (L2) before first elevator.
  • HAC(100): Cage door (L4) after first elevator.
  • EXP(300): Area enclosed by large immovable crates near electrified pool.
  • EXP(400): Upper part of air shaft (with dead TYM employee) near the second elevator.
    • (do not take the access card from the body if you want to hack entrance door to LGM labs later)
    • EBO(200): Book near a dead body inside the air shaft (20/29).
  • EXP(100): Lower part of air shaft near the second elevator.
  • EXP(100): Area to the right of the second elevator (blocked by big crate).

Part XP: 7600

Upper City Labs[edit | edit source]

Lee Geng Memorial lab, TOT(1600):
There is a praxis kit (12/21) in one of drawers in laboratory B-2.

  • MAN(7)/DTD(3)
  • BOT(2): 2 inactive security bots inside security stations. Again, either knock everyone out and then reprogram the bots to destroy them or leave them for later.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel at starting corridor.
  • HAC(175): Door (L3+100) to first security room.
    • HAC(175): Security hub (L3+100) inside first security room.
  • HAC(50): Door (L2) to laboratory A-2.
  • HAC(150): Door (L2+100) to laboratory A-2 from laboratory A-3.
  • HAC(25): Alarm panel next to Lee Geng Memorial labs entrance.
  • HAC(125): Entrance (L1+100) to LGM labs. To hack this door, you will either need NOT to take any of two access cards, so the guard won't open the door automatically when you approach him, or approach the guard from behind while cloaked and perform STD. If you don't want to bother with DTD (he can be paired with the guard from the cental area), you can distract him with a gunshot and take him down away from the door.
  • EBO(200): Book at the center of LGM labs (21/29).
  • HAC(100): Computer (L2+50) inside laboratory A-4.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel outside the security room of LGM labs.
  • HAC(75): Security hub inside the security room of LGM labs.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel upstairs of LGM labs.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel upstairs of LGM labs behind the southern exit.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel upstairs of LGM labs behind the northern exit.
  • HAC(75): Door (L3) to laboratory B-2, from laboratory B-3.
  • HAC(75): Computer (L3) inside laboratory B-3.

Data Core, TOT(4235):

  • MAN(9)/DTD(4)
  • BOT(2): 2 inactive security bots inside security stations.
  • HAC(150): Door (L2+100) to server room A-3.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3) near server room A-3.
  • HAC(75): Computer (L3) inside server room A-2.
  • HAC(25): Laser system terminal (L1) to northern balcony exit.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3) on northern balcony.
  • HAC(75): Laser system terminal (L3) next to security room before laser room.
  • HAC(35): Security hub (L1+10) inside security room before laser room.
  • HAC(100): Door (L4) to laser room.
  • HAC(50): Computer (L2) inside small room at the center of laser room.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3) next to data core security room.
  • HAC(50): Security hub (L2) inside data core security room.
  • HAC(150): Laser system terminal (L2+100) inside data core security room.
  • HAC(50): Laser system terminal (L2) near data core elevator.
  • Main Mission, TOT(3250):
    • GTD(2500): Find and view Van Bruggen's recording.
    • GHO(500)
    • SMO(250)

Archives and offices, TOT(1630):

  • MAN(5)/DTD(2): 4 guards and Narhari Kahn (only if he wasn't killed during the Alice Garden Pods ambush).
  • BOT(1): 1 inactive security bot.
  • HAC(300): 4 alarm panels (4xL3).
  • HAC(550): 5 computers (3xL3, L3+150, L4).
  • HAC(80): Archive door (L3+5).
  • HAC(75): Door (L3) to the room with security hub.
    • HAC(250): Security hub (L2+200).
  • HAC(250): Door to office (L4+150).
  • HAC(125): Door to elevator lobby (L1+100).

Part XP: 7465

Penthouse[edit | edit source]

  • Main mission, TOT(8750):
    • GTD(750): Confront Zhao in penthouse.
    • GHO(500)
    • SMO(250)
    • GTD(2500): Escape and get to the hangar.
    • GHO(500)
    • SMO(250)
    • GTD(2500): Open the hangar bay doors.
    • GHO(500)
    • SMO(250)
    • GTD(750): Go to the chopper and extract.
  • MAN(10)/DTD(5): Belltower soldiers that appear after you enter the Zhao's room.
  • BOT(2): 2 boxguards in the hangar. Reprogramming them to friendly status will make sure that you don't lose the stealth bonuses.
  • HAC(125): Safe (L5) behind Zhao's desk.
  • HAC(325): Zhao's computer (L3+250).
  • HAC(150): Security hub (L2+100) in the hangar (must be hacked before destroying the boxguards).
    • EBO(200): Book on the security hub's desk in hangar (22/29).

Part XP: 9550

Section XP: 24615
Combat XP: 3015

  • MAN(36): 5 in Lower City Factory, 21 in Upper City Labs, 10 in Penthouse.
    • Maximum DTD: 16 (32 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 2200 = 36*50 + 16*25 = 1800 + 400
  • BOT(9): 7 security bots, 2 boxguards.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 815 = 7*45 + 2*250 = 315 + 500

Maximum Section XP: 27630
Maximum XP: 143095

Montreal - Picus Communications[edit | edit source]

Picus offices and landing pad. Room 404[edit | edit source]

Praxis kit (13/21) can be found in one of the cubicle drawers.
There are 3 ways to escape the ambush:

  1. Use the elevator (easiest and best XP).
  2. Jump down the opened elevator shaft.
  3. Break through the second wall from the server room (noisy and will auto-kill a guard for only 10 XP). We use the 1st route, so the elevator shaft EXP(300) bonus from the 2nd route is listed in the next part.
  • MAN(11)/DTD(5): Spec ops soldiers that appear after you enter room 404.
  • EXP(200): Fenced off area near the landing pad.
  • HAC(100): Door to the fenced off area (L4).
  • HAC(175): Alarm panel on upper level (L3+100).
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel on lower level (L3).
  • HAC(200): Computers (L1, L3, L4).
  • EXP(100): Vent connecting upper and lower levels.
  • GTD(250): Get to room 404.
  • HAC(300): Door to the server room (L4+200).
    • EXP(300): Server room.
    • EXP(300): Area behind the breakable wall in the server room. 2 additional soldiers will appear in the TV news room after you climb down the ladder in this area. If you're aiming for maximum combat XP, then just get down but don't break the lower wall — climb back up and take the elevator route instead. When you get to the TV news room, there will be 8 soldiers instead of usual 6.
  • EXP(100): Vent connecting restroom with elevator lobby.
  • HAC(275): Alarm panel in elevator lobby (L3+200).
  • GTD(2400): Escape the ambush by reaching the lower floor.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)

Part XP: 5525

TV news room[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(8)/DTD(4): There will be only 6 soldiers in this area if you didn't do the trick with breakable wall from the previous section.
  • BOT(1): Turret in the middle of a room.
  • HAC(100): 2 doors to the TV editing room (2xL2). Must be hacked from outside the room, although you can also destroy a door from inside the room with a weapon (preferably silenced) and hack door's lock afterwards.
    • EBO(200): Book inside the TV editing room (23/29).
    • EXP(300): Bottom of the opened elevator shaft. It's reachable from previous floor, but you can also get there from a vent in TV editing room.
  • HAC(100): 2 security hubs (2xL2).
  • HAC(150): 2 alarm panels (2xL3).
  • HAC(375): 3 computers (L1, L3, L3+200).
  • HAC(25): Door to the funicular (L1).
  • EXP(100): Area behind the breakable wall.
  • GTD(2500): Get to the funicular.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)

Part XP: 4600

Funicular[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(12)/DTD(6): 4 on patrol from the start, 8 spawn after you summon the funicular.
  • BOT(1): Turret in front of the funicular door.
  • HAC(375): Door to storage room (L3+300).
    • EXP(300): Room with a heavy rifle inside.
  • EXP(100): Vent underneath the funicular lobby.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3).
  • HAC(50): Security hub (L2).
  • GTD(250): Summon the funicular.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • GTD(2500): Wait for the funicular.
  • GTD(250): Use the funicular.

Part XP: 4650

Picus sub-basement. Room 802-11[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(11)/DTD(5): 8 on higher level, 3 on lower level.
  • BOT(3): 3 inactive security bots. You can either reprogram them to friendly status using the Robot Domination aug and destroy them (hiding the human bodies first), or follow the advice form the Tai Yong Medical section: complete the "Get inside room 802-11" objective and get the GHO/SMO bonuses, then return back, trigger the alarm and deal with the bots without worrying about stealth, negating the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement.

Higher level, TOT(2315):

  • HAC(25): Laser system terminal (L1).
  • EXP(100): Area behind the breakable wall. Also reachable through the vent.
  • HAC(75): Alarm panel (L3) in the room near the statue.
  • EXP(100): Office near the armory.
  • HAC(140): Security hub near the armory (L4+40).
  • HAC(100): Door to the armory (L4).
    • EXP(400): Armory.
  • HAC(125): Security hub (L3+50).
  • EXP(200): Office near the stairs to lower level.
    • EBO(200): Book inside the office (24/29).
  • HAC(525): 4 computers (2xL3, L3+200, L4).
  • HAC(325): 3 alarm panels in the office area (2xL3, L3+100).

Lower level, TOT(7275):

  • EXP(300): Area behind the breakable wall with a vent connecting two offices.
  • EXP(300): In the locked office near the stairs.
  • HAC(225): Security hub #1 (L3+150).
  • HAC(150): 2 office doors (2xL3).
  • HAC(150): 2 corridor doors (2xL3).
  • HAC(150): 2 alarm panels (2xL3).
  • HAC(175): 3 computers (L1, 2xL3).
  • HAC(75): Security hub #2 (L3).
  • GTD(1750): Get inside room 802-11.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • Director's Cut additions (290):
    • HAC(50): Door (L2) to the second floor of the area. Technically, there are two identical L2 doors, but hacking one of them automatically unlocks the other.
    • HAC(75): Laser terminal (L3) controlling the lasers around the security hub.
    • HAC(75): Security hub (L3) controlling the turrets.
    • BOT(2): 2 inactive ceiling turrets (2x45). If you want to get the XP rewards for destroying them, you have to activate them first using the security hub (switch them to "default" state). To avoid triggering an alarm (and losing Foxiest of the Hounds achievement), use a non-explosive firearm or EMP mines to destroy them.
  • GTD(2500): Defeat the mercenary leader Yelena Fedorova.
  • GTD(750): Go to the chopper and extract.

Part XP: 9590

Section XP: 24365
Combat XP: 2825

  • MAN(42): 11 in Picus offices, 8 in TV news room, 12 in the funicular area, 11 in sub-basement.
    • Maximum DTD: 20 (40 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 2600 = 42*50 + 20*25 = 2100 + 500
  • BOT(5): 2 turrets, 3 security bots.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 225 = 5*45

Maximum Section XP: 27190
Maximum XP: 170285

Detroit City - second visit[edit | edit source]

The LIMB clinic has restocked 2 praxis kits (14&15/21).

Quest-independent XP bonuses (EXP, HAC, EBO) listed in Detroit City - first visit section can be gained on second visit too if you've missed them. Only new XP rewards are listed in this section.

There was a rumor that closing already hacked doors and safes during the first visit to Detroit would make them hackable again on second visit. Turns out it's not true: neither gates, nor doors, nor safes get re-locked — only computers that were originally hackable. All other devices stay in the same state you left them. There is a single exception though — safe in Thorpe's apartment can be hacked for a third time, but its re-lock is likely a bug, considering that Greg Thorpe will initiate the same dialog from the One Good Turn Deserves Another quest when you talk to him.

Devices that can be hacked again on second visit, TOT(350):

  • HAC(25): Computer in Eastern Downtown Apartments (L1).
  • HAC(150): Computer in Northern Downtown Apartments, across Seurat (L2+100).
  • HAC(50): Computer in MCB gang's apartment (L2).
  • HAC(50): Computer in O'Malley's apartment (L1+25).
  • HAC(25): Computer in Chop Clinic (L1).
  • HAC(50): Safe behind the picture frame in Greg Thorpe's apartment (L2).

The police station can also be entered again by quick-saving right before the sewer entrance, then quick loading. All police officers will be in the same state as when you previously left Detroit, So, if you were allowed entrance by Wayne Haas, they will be friendly. They will turn hostile for all the usual reasons (e.g., seeing bodies, seeing you hack, going into the armory, etc.). If you go through the sliding door to the front entryway, you will be warned by the guard that the area you just exited was "off-limits to civilians", but you can freely re-enter without him turning hostile.

If you interact with Wayne Haas, he will react as if you had failed the dialog challenge, but you can then interact again to start the dialog challenge, and get the 1000 XP for Silver Tongue.

Alarm panels and computers can be hacked again, and cameras will be enabled (although some might treat you as friendly), but all other non-human items remain in the state they were when you left Detroit, so items you picked up aren't there, doors you already hacked can't be hacked again, etc.

You can also re-retrieve that brain chip from dead terrorist in the morgue, you will have some conversations you already had, but it neither re-enables any missions nor gives any XP.

You can leave the station by any exit, but you can only re-enter it via the sewers.

Chiron building, Adam's apartment

  • EXP(100): Area behind breakable wall near the helipad where you start.
    • EXP(100): Air shaft accessible through vent.
  • GTD(750): Meet Sarif at my apartment.
  • HAC(75): Receptionist's computer in the lobby (L1+50).
  • (take the chopper to Sarif Industries after you finish up Detroit quests)
  • GTD(750): Meet Malik on the roof of Chiron's building (leave the area).

Part XP: 1775

DRB territory entrance[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(1): Another unnamed punk (this time with green mohawk) that unlike other civilians rewards you with normal combat XP.

Detroit Convention Center[edit | edit source]

There are two ways to handle the Finding Isaias Sandoval quest with the same result — Sandoval will be suicidal and you'll get a chance to talk him out of it. For the sake of XP, we'll choose the second way. We'll have to skip the conversation battle with Taggart altogether, because failing it on purpose for the Life Lesson bonus (100) will disable the option to plant the evidence on his computer: when Sarif will contact Adam, he won't even mention it.

BUG: There is a persistent bug (unfixed as of 1.4.651.0 patch) that "locks" Sandoval into attacking the player in case if you choose to convince Taggart first, then reload a save and take the second path. Even if you plant the evidence, Sandoval will act like nothing happened, which may require replaying the whole Detroit section to fix. Choosing the second path on the first attempt (as we do here) will guarantee the suicidal outcome. If you want to get The Throwdown achievement for winning the social battle with Taggart, then make a save in the Convention Center, play until you confront Sandoval, make a save, then reload an earlier save and get the achievement safely.

  1. Convince Taggart to reveal Sandoval's location, TOT(2000):
    • SIL(1000): Convince Taggart to reveal Sandoval's location to you.
    • GTD(750): Obtain Sandoval's location from Taggart.
    • SMO(250)
  2. Hack Taggart's computer and plant the evidence, TOT(2275):
    • HAC(25): Taggart's computer (L1).
    • GTD(750): Obtain Sandoval's location from Taggart.
    • GHO(500)
    • SMO(250)
    • GTD(750): Frame Taggart by planting the evidence on his computer.
  • HAC(250): 5 alarm panels (5xL2).
  • HAC(100): Security hub (L4).
  • EBO(200): Book near the TV guards are watching (25/29).
  • EXP(100): Vent hatch connecting restroom with Taggart's room.
  • EXP(200): Area in the middle of the stairwell leading to the back door exit. If you have Icarus Landing system, simply jump down from the top, or carefully move around the railings until you trigger the bonus.

Part XP: 3125

Sandoval's Hideout[edit | edit source]

  • MAN(10)/DTD(4): 9 purity first members and Zeke Sanders (if you didn't kill him previously).
    • Zeke is nice enough to bring a praxis kit (16/21) for you.
  • HAC(100): Safe behind picture frame in Sandoval's apartment (L4).
  • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall in the apartment.
  • GTD(750): Get inside Sandoval's apartment.
  • EXP(100): Area in the middle of the sewers reachable by vent shaft.
  • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall in the southwest corner of the sewers.
  • HAC(50): Alarm panel (L2).
  • HAC(100): Laser system terminal (L4).
  • GTD(1000): Find and confront Sandoval.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • SIL(1000): Talk Sandoval out of suicide.
  • EBO(200): Book on the table in front of Sandoval (26/29).
  • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall after Sandoval's room.
  • HAC(25): Door out of the sewers (L1).

Part XP: 4675

Acquaintances Forgotten side-quest[edit | edit source]

You'll get this quest automatically when passing near the LIMB clinic (if you've read Sarif's e-mails on 1st visit). Go to the apartment across MCB gang's hideout. Take out the bodyguard (no XP). Speak with Brent Radford.

  • COM(100): Investigate Pritchards' lead.
  • COM(100): Find Radford's trauma kit.
  • COM(100): Give Radford the morphine shot.
  • COM(100): Investigate Radford's storage unit.
  • MAN(4)/DTD(2): 4 bodyguards near the Radford's storage unit.
  • COM(300): Eliminate the men in black suits.
  • HAC(75): Radford's computer (L3).
  • COM(100): Search the computer for info.
  • HAC(625): Safe (L5+500).
  • COM(100): Take photos from safe.
  • COM(100): Find Michelle Walthers.
  • COM(100): Speak to Michelle Walthers.
  • COM(100): Give Mrs. Walthers the photos.
  • COM(1000): Let Mrs. Walthers rest.

Part XP: 2900

Smash the State side-quest[edit | edit source]

Accept this quest from officer Nicholas on your exit from the convention center. Exactly how many places Nicholas will ask you to investigate will depend on a dialogue choice of how you calm him down. To get the maximum XP from this situation, you'll need to activate the Social Enhancer augmentation. Omega pheromones: 2 places, Alpha pheromones/Chastise/Encourage: 3 places, Beta pheromones: 4 places. We'll choose the latter.

  • COM(400): Search the metro tunnel, the bank, the alley behind police station and the sewers (100 each).
  • Sewers:
    • MAN(1): Jacob White.
    • BOT(3): 3 White's turrets.
    • HAC(100): Security hub (L4).
    • COM(750): Take out Jacob White (non-lethal will get you a silencer from Nicholas).
    • HAC(100): Jacob's bomb (L4).
    • COM(750): Disable Jacob's bomb (secondary).
  • COM(1000): Return to officer Nicholas.

Part XP: 3100

Sarif Industries - fourth visit[edit | edit source]

  • HAC(125): Pritchard's computer (L5).
  • HAC(575): Adam's computer (L3+500).
  • HAC(50): Computer in office #32 (L2).
  • HAC(75): Athene's computer in the penthouse (L3).
  • GTD(250): Meet Sarif in the penthouse.
  • GTD(250): Meet Malik at the helipad.

Part XP: 1325

Section XP: 17250
Combat XP: 1085

  • MAN(16): 1 unnamed punk, 4 bodyguards, Jacob White, 9 Purity First members, Zeke Sanders.
    • Maximum DTD: 6 (12 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 950 = 16*50 + 6*25 = 800 + 150
  • BOT(3): 3 turrets.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 135 = 3*45

Maximum Section XP: 18335
Maximum XP: 188620

Hengsha - second visit[edit | edit source]

There is very little to do in Hengsha on second visit except main mission and side-quests. Of course, if you've missed some of the quest-independent XP rewards on first visit, you'll have another chance to get them. The only new XP rewards available through free exploration are from 3 devices:

  • HAC(50): Security hub (L2) on a first floor of Hung Hua Hotel.
  • HAC(150): Door to Lee's apartment in Youzhao district (L2+100).
  • HAC(25): Front door (L1) to Harvesters hideout.

As usual, you can purchase 2 praxis kits (17&18/21) from LIMB clinic. Also you can complete the optional objective by talking to LIMB receptionist.

  • GTD(250): Get new biochip.
  • MAN(27)
    • MAN(14)/DTD(6): Semi-hostile Belltower soldiers in Kuaigan District. Initially there are 12 of them: 5 near Alice Garden Pods, 1 near LIMB clinic, 4 in front of the Hive entrance, 2 near Hung Hua Hotel. Another 2 will spawn only if you refuse to pay the guy that tries to blackmail you when you pass near the Hung Hua Hotel (when you talk to him, select "Decline").
    • MAN(13)/DTD(6): Harvesters in Youzhao district.

Construction site[edit | edit source]

It is hard, but possible to simultaneously 1) Save Malik 2) Do it with non-lethal takedowns (i.e. retain Pacifist status) 3) Get Ghost — see 1 and 2. Nevertheless, it is suboptimal XP-wise, since you can't set up DTD while soldiers attack the helicopter (5 DTD possible after they destroy it and return to relaxed state). Since this is a "Maximum XP" guide, we'll choose the most rewarding route: leave Malik to her fate and run unseen to the elevator, receive Ghost, use the elevator again to get back down to the construction site, then dispatch all soldiers with non-lethal takedowns and destroy the boxguard.

  • MAN(10)/DTD(5)
  • BOT(1): Boxguard that is dropped by helicopter either after a set time or when you cross the middle of the construction site.
  • EXP(300): Underground area behind the electrified water pool.
  • GTD(1000): Escape the construction site.
  • GHO(500)

Part XP: 1800

Talion A.D. side-quest[edit | edit source]

Accept this quest from Dr. Wong in LIMB clinic.

  • COM(100): Locate the butcher shop.
  • COM(100): Enter the backroom.
  • COM(100): Find information on Zelazny's whereabouts.
  • COM(—): Read the dead agent's pocket secretary. (This objective is bugged and does not complete after you read the secretary. PC users can use Gibbed's burger/debug mod to manually trigger the objective completion: it provides the usual 100 XP)
  • COM(300): Locate Michael Zelazny and his team.
    • MAN(4)/DTD(2): Michael Zelazny and 3 spec ops soldiers.
  • COM(750): Deal with Zelazny and his team. Given both for fighting him or letting him go, so you'll be better off choosing to fight.
  • COM(1000): Return to Dr. Wong. Receive praxis kit (19/21) as a reward.

Part XP: 2350

Corporate Warfare side-quest[edit | edit source]

This quest is given automatically after you enter the Youzhao district.

  • COM(100): Meet Hugh Darrow's contact.
  • COM(100): Go to the meeting location.
    • MAN(5)/DTD(2): Semi-friendly "terrorists".
  • COM(750): Incapacitate the terrorists.
  • COM(100): Retrieve the data chip.
  • COM(1000): Return to Mengyao.

Part XP: 2050

Harvesters' hideout[edit | edit source]

This part was written based on the game with the Explosive Mission Pack DLC/Pre-order bonus. There is a single GTD(250) bonus that is awarded in this location for completing the DLC quest — it's included in the Old Noodle Factory section below. Enemy count is the same with or without the DLC.

You will need a Laser rifle later in Panchaea to destroy the security bot, so grab one after you meet with Tong.

Although Harvesters' hideout is build like any other "serious" level, it's impossible to get GHO/SMO here.

  • MAN(25)/DTD(12): Harvesters will respawn after you complete the Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device objective, so sweep the map clean of enemies before reporting to Tong. You will need to reenter the map or save and reload for the second group of harvesters (8) to appear.
    1. 15 harvesters (from map entry to completing the Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device).
    2. 8 harvesters (from completing the Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device to completing You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours).
    3. 2 harvesters (from completing the You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours to acquiring Stowing Away). If you don't have the DLC, they will appear along with the group above.
  • BOT(1): Turret on top level.
  • HAC(175): Staircase doors (L3, L4).
  • HAC(75): Security hub on top level (L3).
  • EXP(300): Vent shaft behind electrified area on top level.
  • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall in the restroom on Level -1.
  • HAC(400): Safe (L5+200) and computer (L1+50) on Level -1.
  • EXP(200): Area behind breakable wall in the restroom on Level -2.
  • EBO(200): Book in the surgery room on Level -2 (27/29).
  • HAC(100): Cell door (L4) on Level -2.
  • HAC(200): Safe (L5) and computer (L3) on Level -2.
  • GTD(1000): Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device.

Part XP: 2850

Old Noodle Factory[edit | edit source]

The main quest You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours set in the Old Noodle Factory is available only if you have either of these: 1) Director's Cut version of the game 2) Augmented Edition 3) Explosive Mission Pack DLC. If you have neither, then you'll skip it and go straight to the Belltower's Port after finishing Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device.

NOTE: If you are not playing Director's Cut and really want to get all augs by the end of the game (which requires at least 235000 XP), you better have this mission. Completing it results in 3500 additional XP, bringing the maximum XP in the game to 242095 (with 4350 XP from all possible 174 DTD bonuses included). Without this mission, there is just 238595 XP in the game total (234370 XP without DTD bonuses), so you'll have very little room for error.

  • MAN(11)/DTD(5)
  • GTD(250): Meet the harvester contact.
  • HAC(300): Door to guards' quarters (L2+250).
  • HAC(250): 2 security panels (2xL1+100).
  • HAC(25): Security hub controlling the door to Tong (L1).
  • GTD(1000): Rescue Tong's son.
  • SMO(250)
  • GHO(500)
  • GTD(250): Meet Tong in Harvesters Hideout, completing You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours.

Part XP: 2825
Combat XP: 675

  • MAN(11)
  • Maximum DTD: 5 (10 enemies)
  • Maximum MAN(XP) = 675 = 11*50 + 5*25 = 550 + 125

Maximum part XP: 3500
NOTE: Combat info and XP from this part are also included in the Section Summary.

Belltower's Port[edit | edit source]

Outside area, TOT(5125):

  • MAN(10)/DTD(5): 4 patrolling the central area, 2 sitting inside the sheds, 2 heavies on lower level, 2 snipers on elevated ground. For the 4th and 5th DTDs, you'll have to throw the snipers down from the catwalks to lower level using a heavy crate or a dumpster.
  • BOT(3): 1 ceiling turret, 2 active security bots (on the ground level and in gassed basement).
  • HAC(25): Security hub in the shed outside the gate (L1).
  • HAC(150): Computer in the shed outside the gate (L2+100).
  • GTD(750): Get inside Belltower's Port.
  • Deus_Ex_Human_Revolution._Ghost_Hacker_(Ghost_Double_Take-down)

    Deus Ex Human Revolution. Ghost Hacker (Ghost Double Take-down)

    Locking the security hub in Belltower's Port without losing any stealth bonuses

    HAC(475): 2 security hubs in the sheds in central area (L3, L4+300). NOTE: L3 hub in the shed close to the gate will turn hackable only after the guard sitting in front it goes into hostile or high alert state. To hack it without compromising Ghost bonus, use the same trick as in the Detroit police station: first, hurt the guard making sure he doesn't see you and only then knock him out (see the video). The safest way to accomplish this (if you have the DLC) is by throwing a UR-DED near the guard.  Another safe way is to smash the window opposite where the guard is sitting.  The garbage container outside can be used for this.  He will go into an alarmed state and go check out the noise.  Throwing things at him seems make him go hostile even if you are cloaked, which may compromise ghost.
  • HAC(325): 2 computers inside the sheds in central area (L3+100, L2+100).
  • EXP(200): Vent shaft beneath the stairs that leads to the gassed corridor.
  • HAC(1075): 5 doors (garages and basement access) on lower level (L2+150, 2xL2+200, L3, L4+200).
  • HAC(100): 2 doors (on ground level and catwalks) leading to loading bay (L1, L3).
  • EXP(200): Vent connecting the outside area with loading bay.
  • HAC(25): Door leading to the locker with Tong's package (L1).
  • HAC(50): Alarm panel in the shed (L2).
  • GTD(1000): Retrieve Tong's package from the shed.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)

Loading bay, TOT(2460):

  • MAN(8)/DTD(4): 7 guards and Narhari Kahn (only if he wasn't killed on any of two previous occasions).
  • BOT(2): 1 turret, 1 boxguard that is dropped by helicopter through the roof in the middle of the room when you trigger an alarm.
    • It is possible to trigger an alarm which spawns the boxguard, letting you destroy it and get the XP for it, and receive Ghost + Smooth Operator bonuses at the same time. Be warned! Doing this will negate the Foxiest of the Hounds achievement.
      1. Dispatch all human enemies on the level silently and hide their bodies (so the boxguard won't see them) as you normally would when going for GHO/SMO.
      2. Save and finish the level to check whether you got GHO/SMO for Place the C4 on administrator Wang's desk objective. On arrival in Singapore (or Hei Zhen Zhu for the Director's Cut version), you won't be able to see the XP bonuses pop up on the screen, so you'll have to confirm this manually by comparing your total XP before and after. Ideally, total XP count should increase by 1750 = GTD(1000) + GHO(500) + SMO(250).
      3. Reload the earlier save. Hack the security hub under the stairs in the loading bay and turn off the camera. Destroy the camera and go back to the bay's entrance — you should hear an alarm go off and the boxguard will soon be dropped by the helicopter. Destroy the bot without it spotting you (preferably with an EMP grenade/mine) and complete the mission. Again, if you've done everything right, you should receive the same 1750 XP (including the Smooth Operator bonus, as if no alarms were triggered).
  • HAC(150): Security hub controlling the cameras in central area (L2+100).
  • HAC(200): Computer near the security hub (L2+150).
  • HAC(150): Security hub under the stairs (L1+125).
  • HAC(25): Door to the offices (L1).
  • HAC(185): 3 computers in the offices (L2, L2+10, L3).
  • GTD(1000): Place the C4 on administrator Wang's desk (leave the area).
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)

Part XP: 7585

Section XP: 19935
Combat XP: 6900

  • MAN(100)
    • Maximum DTD: 47 (94 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 6175 = 100*50 + 47*25 = 5000 + 1175
  • BOT(7): 3 turrets, 2 security bots, 2 boxguards.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 725 = 5*45 + 2*250 = 225 + 500

Maximum Section XP: 26835
Maximum XP: 215455

The Missing Link (Director's Cut only)[edit | edit source]

Experience by area guide for The Missing Link.

The Missing Link was previously a separate DLC, but in the Director's Cut version, it was integrated into the main game. At the start of TML, you lose all the augmentations you've earned up to this point and have to start from scratch, even though your total XP count won't be reset. At the end of The Missing Link, you will get your equipment and praxis points back, but with a small twist — your total count of praxis points (i.e. what you had before TML + what you earned in TML itself) will not be allowed to exceed 61 points. Any surplus praxis points will be lost.

If you follow this guide, you can potentially earn 62 praxis points by the end Belltower Port chapter (19 from praxis kits and 43 from XP), which already exceeds the limit of what you can keep after you complete The Missing Link. In that case, everything you earn in TML won't carry over to the next chapter (Singapore). Of course, it's up to you to decide whether or not it's worth hunting for the XP rewards that you won't be able to put to use in any way.

However, by carefully avoiding experience in loading bay 1&2 and the admin section, it is possible to gain at least 3 extra praxis before leaving TML. Once you have got all your equipment and praxis back, you can backtrack through and collect another 6865 experience and 2 praxis kits (atop the crane in loading bay 1 and near Quinn's safe).

Singapore[edit | edit source]

Singapore facility (Omega Ranch)[edit | edit source]

  • HAC(125): Storage room door in pods warehouse (L5).
    • EXP(200): Storage room.

Courtyard + Entrance to Secure Bunker, TOT(4150):

  • MAN(10)/DTD(5): 7 from the start and another 3 soldiers spawn near the entrance to Secure Bunker and will run to the courtyard after you upload the virus.
  • BOT(3): 1 turret, 2 security bots (1 on patrol, 1 inactive).
  • HAC(50): Signal jammer #1 (L2). Hack it, but don't turn it off until you hack signal jammer #2 in the Guards' Quarters. After you turn it off, you'll complete both primary and secondary objectives:
  • GTD(250): Disable signal jammer (secondary).
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • GTD(250): Search for signs of Megan's team (can also be completed by talking to one of the 3 scientists).
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • HAC(75): Laser system terminal near the signal jammer #1 (L3).
  • HAC(100): Security hub in the courtyard (L4).
  • HAC(125): Security hub near the Secure Bunker entrance (L3+50).
  • HAC(100): Garage storage door (L4).
  • EXP(200): Garage storage area with malfunctioning lock.
  • GTD(750): Upload a virus.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)

Guards' Quarters, TOT(475):

  • MAN(2)/DTD(1)
  • HAC(50): Signal jammer #2 (L2). Hack it, but don't turn it off until you hack the signal jammer #1 in the Courtyard.
  • HAC(100): Computer (L4).
  • HAC(125): Armory door (L5).
  • HAC(200): 2 barracks doors (2xL4).

Biomech Lab, TOT(1600):

  • MAN(5)/DTD(3): One of the soldiers can be paired with another enemy from Microgen lab for 3rd DTD.
  • Basement:
    • EXP(400): Gas-filled room, accessible either by ventilation shaft from the courtyard or by breaking the fragile wall in the basement.
    • HAC(175): Declan Faherty's computer (L3+100).
    • GTD(250): Speak with Declan Faherty.
  • 1st floor:
    • HAC(50): Computer in the foyer (L2).
    • HAC(75): Office door (L3).
    • HAC(125): 2 computers in the opened office (L2, L3).
    • HAC(300): Laser system terminal (L4+200).
  • 2nd floor:
    • HAC(100): Office door (L4).
    • HAC(125): 2 computers in the server room (L2, L3).

Microgen lab, TOT(1700):

  • MAN(9)/DTD(4): One of the soldiers can be lured to Biomech lab for DTD (included above). There is an invisible wall between labs preventing enemies from normal passage, but you can force them to pass through it by luring a soldier to the skywalk and then throw some heavy object (crate of photocopier) at him in the direction of the wall.
  • 1st floor.
    • HAC(50): Computer in the foyer (L2).
    • HAC(100): Security hub (L4).
    • HAC(125): Alarm panel (L5).
    • HAC(100): Storage door (L4).
  • 2nd floor.
    • HAC(200): Security hub (L4+100).
    • HAC(100): Alarm panel (L4).
    • HAC(150): 2 lab doors (2xL3).
    • HAC(100): Door to the room with abandoned equipment (L4).
      • EBO(200): Book on a table inside the room with abandoned equipment (28/29).
    • GTD(250): Speak with Nia Colvin.
  • 3rd floor.
    • HAC(75): Laser system terminal (L3).
    • GTD(250): Speak with Eric Koss.

Part XP: 8250

Secure Bunker[edit | edit source]

  • Director's Cut additions (1140):
    • HAC(225): Laser rifle display case (L3+150).
    • HAC(375): Door (L5+250) to the security room on the 2nd floor.
    • HAC(450): Security hub (L4+350) controlling the bots.
    • BOT(2): 2 inactive security bots (2x45).
  • GTD(1000): Defeat Jaron Namir.
  • GTD(250): Find Megan Reed.
  • HAC(425): Computer in the white room (L5+300).
  • HAC(325): Safe in the white room (L5+200).
    • EBO(200): Book in the safe (29/29).
  • GTD(250): Open the hangar door.
  • MAN(6)/DTD(3): 6 crazed spec ops soldiers in the hangar. If you've saved Malik she will kill them.
  • EXP(100): Hidden room in the hangar.
    • HAC(525): Secret computer (L5+400).
  • GTD(250): Use the LEO shuttle.

Part XP: 3325

Section XP: 11575
Combat XP: 2135

  • MAN(32)
    • Maximum DTD: 16 (32 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 2000 = 32*50 + 16*25 = 1600 + 400
  • BOT(3): 1 turret, 2 security bots.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 135 = 3*45

Maximum Section XP: 13710
Maximum XP: 229165

Panchaea[edit | edit source]

There is only one type of human enemies in Panchaea — crazed humans, but they don't reward you with XP, so they're not listed here. Still, they must be treated like normal enemies, because getting past them undetected is necessary for both Ghost bonuses.

Landing Pad & Entry Hall[edit | edit source]

  • BOT(1): Inactive boxguard in the Entry Hall. Destroy it before going to the Tower Section. Make sure to lure it away from the inactive camera first, or you will lose your SMO bonus.
  • EXP(300): Inside the giant vent shaft with half-opened lid above the main entrance.
  • EXP(200): Room connected to corridor with electrified water.
  • HAC(300): Door to the room with breaker box (L4+200).
  • HAC(625): Security hub (L5+500) in the Entry Hall.
  • EXP(300): 3 vent shafts in the Entry Hall: 2 on lower level, 1 on top level (100 each). Traveller bonus on top level is somewhat difficult to trigger — you'll need to hug the wall to the left of the vent for it to register.
  • HAC(150): 2 storage room doors (2xL3).
    • EXP(200): Storage room on lower level of the Entry Hall.

Part XP: 2075

Tower Section[edit | edit source]

  • BOT(1): Active ceiling turret.
  • EXP(200): Room with crazed worker.
  • HAC(100): Door to sleeping room #1 (L4).
    • EXP(200): Sleeping room #1.
    • EXP(200): Sleeping room #2 reachable from room #1.
  • HAC(100): Door to secured room (L4).
    • HAC(500): Security hub (L4+400).
  • GTD(500): Get inside the tower and disengage lock down.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • SIL(1000): Convince Darrow to give you the override codes.

Part XP : 3550

Ring Section[edit | edit source]

Visit the LIMB clinic in the room blocked by vending machine to buy 2 praxis kits (20&21/21) before exiting to Ring Section.

  • BOT(4): 2 inactive ceiling turrets, 2 inactive security bots. The bot near the Taggart's room can either be reprogrammed with Robot Domination aug or destroyed through wall with Laser rifle. The second bot isn't linked to any security hub, so Laser rifle or an EMP grenade/mine are the only ways to destroy it without triggering an alarm. 2 inactive ceiling turrets must be switched to "default" state using nearby security hub before they can be destroyed for XP.
  • HAC(150): Storage room #1 on higher level (L3+75).
  • HAC(75): Storage room #2 on mid level (L3).
  • Find and speak with Taggart.
    • HAC(125): Security hub (L5).
    • HAC(125): Door to Taggart's room (L5).
    • GTD(500): Find and speak with Taggart (secondary).
  • Find and speak with Sarif.
    • HAC(300): Door leading down to corridor booby trapped with mines (L4+200).
    • HAC(100): Door to the same corridor (L4).
    • EXP(300): Room with a lot of tubes and a breakable wall; accessible from booby-trapped corridor.
    • EXP(200): Ventilation shaft leading to Sarif's barricaded room.
    • GTD(500): Find and speak with Sarif (secondary).
  • HAC(500): Security hub in the gas-filled room (L4+400). You'll need Implanted Rebreather aug to enter it.

Part XP: 2875

Hyron Core[edit | edit source]

  • BOT(4): 4 security bots that activate one by one during the boss' second phase. There are no XP rewards for the 3 turrets rotating on rail.
  • GTD(500): Reach the broadcast center.
  • GHO(500)
  • SMO(250)
  • HAC(475): Security override terminal (L5+350).
  • HAC(1050): 3 security hubs (3xL4+250).
  • GTD(1000): Defeat the Hyron Project.

Part XP: 3775

Section XP: 12275
Combat XP: 655

  • BOT(10): 3 ceiling turrets, 6 security bots, 1 boxguard.
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = 655 = 3*45 + 6*45 + 1*250

Maximum Section XP: 12930
Maximum XP: 242095

Global XP statistics[edit | edit source]

Maximum XP: 242095

  • GTD: 77300 (for completing all main objectives)
  • COM: 39250 (for completing all side-quests)
  • GHO: 14000 (28 out of 30 — Police station and The Hive bonuses are not included)
  • SMO: 5250 (21 out of 22 — Police station bonus is not included)
  • EXP: 23200
  • HAC: 44840
  • SIL: 6000 (6 out of 7 — Taggart's bonus is not included)
  • EBO: 5800 (29 books)
  • Combat XP: 26455
    • MAN: 23150
      • STD: 18800 (376 enemies. Main game: 360 + 2xZeke Sanders + 3xNarhari Kahn, DLC: 11)
      • DTD: 4350 (174 DTD. Main game: 169, DLC: 5)
    • BOT: 3075
      • 15 turrets: 675
      • 20 security bots: 900
      • 6 boxguards: 1500
    • Special cases: 230
      • Introduction: 180 (9 enemies, all headshots)
      • Diamond Chan: 50 (part of the quest)

Maximum Praxis points: 69

  • XP [242095/5000]: 48
  • Praxis kits: 21

Video guide[edit | edit source]

Full playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that follows this guide pretty closely. Misses 1280 XP: 180 XP for killing soldiers in the Prologue, 300 XP for killing Diamond Chan, 250 XP for the boxguard in Hengsha, 550 XP for 22 DTD bonuses.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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