FIRE DESTROYS WHITE HELIX LABS is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found inside the safe in Brent Radford's storage unit during the Acquaintances Forgotten side-quest.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

TWISTED CEDER, MICHIGAN (PNN) - At 04:36AM on July 18 Firefighters were called to White Helix Labs to fight an early morning blaze. By the time they arrived, the main building was already engulfed in flames.

General Manager Michael Berris could not be reached for comment, but a pre-recorded message had been left on White Helix Lab's toll-free line, stating that nobody is believed to have been hurt in the fire. That message was later removed when firefighters began pulling bodies from the wreckage.

"The recovery operations are currently ongoing," Fire Chief Minnie Hawkins told reporters, but also stated that the circumstances behind the blaze are "very suspicious."

White Helix Labs, a subdivisionary of Versalife, is a bioresearch firm, studying childhood genetic deceases.

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