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This article is about the assault rifle in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution or The Fall assault rifle, see FR-27 Sanction Flechette Rifle.

The FR-27 S.F.W. (Sanction Flechette Weapon),[1] labeled in-game as Combat Rifle, is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The combat rifle is a highly versatile weapon due to its wide range of upgrades. These upgrades include the ability to add a silencer for stealth tactics, the ability to add a scope for sniping use, and an unlockable semi-automatic firing mode. The silencer reduces damage output by only about 25%, less than what the in-game damage ratings would suggest.[2]

The combat rifle's ability to fire firing armor-piercing (AP) ammunition greatly enhances its effectiveness against turrets, robots, drones, and armored opponents. For example, AP ammo inflicts about three times the damage that regular ammo inflicts against turrets.[2] The combat rifle and its elite variant are the only weapons, other than the slow-firing Lancer Rifle, that can accept both a scope and a silencer and can also use AP rounds while silenced.

However, in being a jack-of-all-trades weapon, the combat rifle does not excel in any specific area. For example:

  • While the semi-auto firing mode enables the weapon to be used in a more controlled manner, damage-per-hit is low compared to semi-automatic weapons. For example, while the Elite Edition 10mm Pistol is able to destroy cameras in a single shot with the silencer on, the silenced Combat Rifle requires multiple rounds to destroy a camera (despite what the in-game damage stats would suggest).
  • As a scoped sniper rifle, damage per hit is far lower than that of the Battle Rifle, Lancer Rifle, and Longsword II 203 Sniper Rifle. Additionally, the combat rifle has a maximum range of only 60 meters. Therefore, even with the scope attached, the combat rifle is ineffective at the longest distances in the game.
  • When loaded with the slightly-rarer armor-piercing (AP) rounds, the FR-27 receives a large damage boost, making it more lethal during a shootout against stronger opponents, and making it more powerful against hard targets. However, AP damage is lower than what the Battle Rifle and Revolver provide with their AP ammo, and far lower than that of the Longsword sniper rifle.

An alternative to the standard battle rifle is the Elite Edition Combat Rifle, which provides similar versatility but with the benefit of higher damage per shot.


The combat rifle is one of the most common weapons in the game. Notable locations are described below.

  • The player begins with this weapon in the first mission of the game (M1: Black Market Buy) if the lethal, long range method of engagement is selected in the opening dialogue with Jim Miller.
  • In "M1: Black Market Buy," During the fight in the atrium, all TF29 personnel that carry combat rifles have laser sights already attached to their weapon. Once the Shadow Operatives on the right-side platform are neutralized, TF29 personnel will drop down from above, making it possible to loot their laser-sight-equipped weapons if they die or become incapacitated. It is also possible to access the ledge where the TF29 personnel are initially positioned, through the right-side elevator shaft at the top of the atrium. The player can knock out TF29 personnel with no story consequences.
  • After arriving in Prague, multiple combat rifles are found in the storage room of Tars' apartment. Use the keycode 9002 to open the storage room.
  • During martial law, several police officers may be found carrying combat rifles already equipped with weapon attachments.



  • The combat rifle, and all its variants, are the only weapons in Mankind Divided that don't have dry reloads.
  • The FR-27 S.F.R. in Human Revolution was chambered in its proprietary .303 caliber discarding sabot flechettes, but the FR-27 S.F.W. in Mankind Divided uses 5.56x45mm NATO flechette ammunition.
  • Despite the change of name from to S.F.R. (Sanction Flechette Rifle) in Human Revolution to S.F.W. (Sanction Flechette Weapon) in Mankind Divided, the weapon is still called a "rifle." Formally, the weapons in both games are not a rifle, to its smoothbore barrel not having any rifling, though for gameplay purposes it is still considered as such.
  • The FR27s carried by enemies and various other NPCs do not have iron sights.


  • The FR-27's concept art featured in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mini-artbook depicts a few changes to the rifle visually, namely an altered foregrip and carry handle. The new carry handle design was also incorporated into the arm-mounted machinegun of enemy EXO-suits.
  • Both the elite and standard rifle "reload canceled." When Jensen inserts the magazine, the reload animation can be cancelled by triggering a sprint or jump.
  • Given that the description states that the combat rifle fires flechette ammo (hardened steel darts/arrows), the barrel is likely boreless.



Concept art[]


  1. The name "S.F.W." appears in the item's description. While this acronym is never explicitly explained in-game, unused text in the game file item_wpn_combatrifle_en contains the description "FR-27 Sanction Flechette Weapon [S.F.W.]".
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