Facility 451 is a facility in Alaska, United States. Its stated purpose is a clinic set up to rehabilitate augmented persons who suffered during the Aug Incident.

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Facility 451 is described as a collection of prefabricated modules that have been assembled into an unlovely pile of blocky shapes. It is located at a remote and thinly populated area in the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. The facility is also surrounding by a masking field that disable communication to the outside of the facility.[1]

Facility 451 is one among a network of clinics set up by the World Health Organization to help victims of the Aug Incident reintegrate into society. The facility is also characterized as a "processing clinic"[1] and as "rehabilitation center"[2]. Despite the stated purpose of the facility, Adam Jensen observes that the facility is more akin to an asylum with prison-like features, including an interrogation room and a segregation block. Facility 451's patients form a beaten-down community similar to those found in shantytowns.

Deus Ex: Black Light Edit

In late 2028, Adam Jensen wakes up in Facility 451, having previously arrived there under unspecified circumstances. Upon waking up, Jensen initially speaks with Dr. Rafiq and Dr. McFadden in the recovery room of the facility. Jensen is then released from the recovery room to join the residents of the facility.

Subsequently, Homeland Security agent Jenna Thorne interrogates Jensen on his part of the Aug Incident when Panchaea collapsed, but Jensen refuses to reveal much information. Thorne then reveals to the other residents at the facility that Jensen was at Panchaea when the Aug Incident occurred, which stirs up anger among the residents. The residents blame Jensen for being involved with the Aug Incident. A scuffle ensues between Jensen and the residents.

Jensen escapes Facility 451 about six days after awaking at the facility, together with fellow resident Stacks.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Edit

In the side mission SM03: The Mystery Augs, Jensen finds Vadim Orlov dead inside an apartment in Prague. Jensen recognizes Orlov as a doctor at Facility 451 who was using the alias Dr. McFadden. Later, David Sarif attempts to investigate the circumstances surrounding Jensen's arrival at Facility 451, and discovers that there is no record of Jensen at the facility.

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  • The number "451" is referenced at the beginning of many Deus Ex games and media. Facility 451 serves as the starting point for the novel Black Light.

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