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DXMD trophy Data Disciple.png "For years they thought their secrets were safe...they were right. Until now."
— Spoilers for Breach follow!
DXMD trophy Data Disciple.png

Fairbanks is a contact of ShadowChild who specializes in analytics. Fairbanks appears in Breach, in which she acts as a consultant for the Ripper.


Fairbanks is among the list of contacts given to the Ripper by ShadowChild when the Ripper begins working on Darknet Files. ShadowChild informs the Ripper that Fairbanks can offers services in data analysis.

"If you need help unravelling the red tape around governments and corporation, their finances, fraud, tax shelters, or anything similar, Fairbanks is your woman. She can analyze, backtrack, and cross reference data before you finish typing a full sentence.

She's not big on chitchat and tends not to understand humor. Acceptable trade-offs for her alacrity and expertise."

— ShadowChild's description of Fairbanks

When the Ripper investigates a Tarvos armed escort in Mexico, Fairbanks helps the Ripper by analyzing a billing record. However, unknown to both the Ripper and ShadowChild, Fairbanks is also a Ripper who is operating under a cover identity. Fairbanks is opposed to ShadowChild's ideology that Rippers should work for a moral cause. Fairbanks instead believes in an open system where each Ripper can decide on what is morally right or wrong.

Seeking financial resources to overthrow ShadowChild, Fairbanks aligns herself with the La Garra cartel against their rival group Las Aguilas. Later, when the Picus Group seeks to withdraw its data from the Palisade Blades, Fairbanks utilizes the Ripper to plant a virus designed to attack ShadowChild's network. Fairbanks, under her alter ego identity, then attempts to persuade the Ripper into going after Picus data instead of helping ShadowChild remove the virus.


Fairbanks appears in the following Darknet Files:

In Sleight of Hand, if the Ripper agrees to go after Picus data instead of helping ShadowChild remove the virus, Fairbanks will offer the Ripper the opportunity to overthrow ShadowChild.


  • "uve come 2 a very important crossroads where u need 2 decide what kind of ripper u really r
    1 who follows someone elses rules or 1 who defines their own
    " (to the Ripper in "Sleigh of Hand", if the Ripper is presented with the option of working with Fairbanks)
  • "i believe in an open system where people r free 2 set their own limits 4 whats morally right and wrong" (to the Ripper in "Sleigh of Hand", if the Ripper sided with Fairbanks)