Family Values is an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is an essay by the Dvali leader Radich Nikoladze addressed to the members of the Dvali. The eBook can be found in Otar Botkoveli's casino, on a coffee table in a corner of the casino's 2nd floor, near Otar's office.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Times have changed since our late and loyal brother, Levan, led the Dvalis. When he returned home to Georgia 10 years ago to support our brothers in the homeland, many feared things would not be the same. Levan himself knew this - which is why he chose a strong leader to stay here in Prague: Patarava.

Times were hard then and they are harder still today. 4 years after being chosen, Patarava died and I was named to replace him. As the officially appointed head of the Family, I do what I need to ensure the Dvali organization succeeds. The world will not slow for the weak.

Now I hear some spit and complaints that we're losing our way. That we forget who we are in this world. To those who say this, I urge you to speak with me personally and I'll happily re-educate you on the harshness of the outside our family walls. Our brothers in Georgia know the truth, forced as they are to leave their homes, to be strong in the face of change. Those displaced Georgians, regardless of voice, share the same blood as us and we welcome them.

- Radich Nikoladze
April 2025

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