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Felice "Flossie" Ullmann is a representative of the Santeau Group in 2029. She has an information booth inside Čapek Fountain Station during the day in Prague where she seeks to recruit augmented workers for Rabi'ah and is available to answer Adam Jensen's questions regarding the Santeau Group and Rabi'ah.


Felice was recently accepted to work as a recruiter for Rabi'ah and will enthusiastically preach about the city being the best possible future for augmented people to anyone that listens. She explains that recruited workers will be given a sponsored work permit for the duration of the city's construction and, afterwards, a guaranteed place in the residency lottery.

She so strongly believes in Nathaniel Brown's future for Rabi'ah that, if Jensen mentions firsthand glimpses of Golem City, she will defend Rabi'ah, explaining that it will not turn into another ghetto. Despite this appearance of unfaltering loyalty, she confides to a friend of hers in an e-mail that a small part of her feels that the Santeau Group is only pretending to care about augmented people.


This character has other interactions. Optional dialogue scenes

Dialogue scenes[]

  • During the first visit to Prague, Felice can be spoken to at her information booth in the Čapek Fountain Station. If Adam expresses interest, Felice will give a brief spiel on Rabi'ah, to which Jensen can offer his critique, which can be cynical, optimistic, or pessimistic.
  • After Jensen returns from Golem City, he can find an annoyed Felice further inside the station. It appears the cops threw her stuff into the trash, as she will make comments like "it's not like they haven't seen me working here all day." If spoken to again, Jensen will report what he saw at Golem City and Felice will ask Jensen what he thinks the problems are.


  • Felice comments that she is not permitted to recruit in Golem City. However, that has not stopped Brown from sending another representative to the city anyways to meet with Talos Rucker.
  • Felice is set to leave Prague soon and join the team in Rabi'ah[1]
  • Felice has an apartment right across from the station.


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