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Felice Ullmann has a computer in her second-floor apartment facing the Čapek Fountain in Překážka (the southern part of Prague). The computer is labeled "Floss and Mel's Computer" and has a security rating of 1.


Welcome to The Santeau Group[]

From: Carole.Massier@santeau.corp
To: fffelice.ullmann@tmail.mail

Congratulations, Felice!

I can confirm that your application for a full-time position at Santeau has been accepted.

All recruiters in Prague are being recalled to the city of Rabi'ah in Oman which means you'll be accompanying them as the newest member of our team. You will hear from our Transfer Team shortly, and they will move you to Rabi'ah within the week.

On behalf of Santeau, I want to thank you for all your hard work under difficult circumstances.

Carole Massier
Employee Services Manager
The Santeau Group

RE: still friends?[]

From: lambchop@genmail.mail
To: fffelice.ullmann@tmail.mail

I'm sorry too, Floss and I DO understand even though I was a complete bitch last night. I shouldn't have said those things about Santeau. They don't make you a bad person. Obviously, the job has been good for you — way better than cleaning station toilets, anyway. (But I still don't like your script!)

When you said you miss me since I went on overtime, l thought you were blaming me for why we barely talk any more. That's why I got upset.

I'm off late shift in a few days so let's try to get drunk one last time before you leave. It's going to be lonely here without my girl. I'll see you when I get home.


From: fffelice.ullmann@tmail.mail
To: lambchop@genmail.mail
Subject: still friends?

Meeeeeeeelllll :(
I feel awful after our stupid fight last night, I'm soooo sorry. I know it's been hard for you, seeing me excited, talking about leaving, buying new clothes and just last month we could barely afford to eat out. I should have been more considerate but i was so excited. I just wish you could come. I even asked if there was a position for you but they said no. That's why I got mad when you said I didn't care but now I'm about to leave I really feel like I'm abandoning you. Maybe you were right about Santeau just pretending to care about people but I can't miss this chance. Please understand!!!! I love u!