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For the flamethrower in Deus Ex: Invisible War, see Flamethrower (DXIW).

The flamethrower is a heavy skill weapon in Deus Ex.


A portable flamethrower that discards the old and highly dangerous backpack fuel delivery system in favor of pressurized canisters of napalm. Inexperienced agents will find that a flamethrower can be difficult to maneuver, however.


The flamethrower launches a stream of fire at enemies. The fire stream is actually a series of projectiles known internally as "fireballs." Each fireball inflicts 5 base damage on hit ("Flamed" damage type) and will set targets on fire for 30 seconds. Targets set on fire will run around screaming while taking damage over time, and will not attack the player while in this state.

Due to its high rate of fire, the flamethrower is capable of easily taking down targets using its on-hit damage alone, provided that sufficient ammunition is available. However, given that napalm canisters are relatively uncommon, a potentially more practical strategy is to spend as little ammunition as possible, and instead rely on the damage-over-time burning effect. Note that even a single round of ammunition is capable of setting a target on fire, provided that launched fireball hits the target.

Targets that are on fire will take 5 damage per second ("Burned" damage type) to the torso.[1] This damage-over-time burning effect directly deducts torso health and is not eligible for the 2x torso-hit damage multiplier associated with humanoids. Nonetheless, due to the long burning duration of 30 seconds, the damage-over-time effect alone is sufficient to defeat any common trooper. Karkians and other animals take 5% damage per second. For more information on the "on-fire" effect, please see the article on the "flamed" damage type.

As a heavy skill weapon, the flamethrower limits the movement of the player unless the heavy skill is advanced or higher. Other drawbacks of the flamethrower include its large inventory size and relatively short range. Since the flamethrower is a projectile weapon, the range modification has no actual effect on the range of the flamethrower, despite the fact that it can be used on this weapon.

Certain targets resist the flamethrower, namely robots (which take 25% damage), MJ12 Commandos (who take 50% damage), and grays (which take no damage). These targets cannot be set on fire.




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