Frank Pritchard's computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's used by Frank Pritchard, the head of the cyber-security division at Sarif Industries, and can be found in his office in Sarif Industries HQ.

Login / Password[edit | edit source]

The computer has security rating 5.

Login: fpritchard
Password: nuclearsnke

Emails[edit | edit source]

RE: Login and Password changes[edit | edit source]

From: David Sarif
To: Frank Pritchard

Thanks for telling me, Frank. It's good to know. As for the passwords, be sure to let the affected parties know.

nucl3arsnake@SI.copt.det wrote:

>As surprised as I am to admit this, Jensen's
>security measures actually DID work that
>evening. That environmental warning we all
>heard go off? It was a back-up failsafe that
>HE insisted I insert into the alarm coding.
>I'm still working on finding out how the
>primary alerts got suppressed, but until I
>have an answer, I believe it necessary to
>rewamp some important passwords. I've
>taken the liberty of suggesting a few ideas.
>Here they are:
>dsarif -- frneticpny
>amargoulis -- gsspgirl
>fmalik -- bmbadier
>dmitchell -- lawboy
>cmartinez -- lolliepop
>wrosellini -- quintus
>me - nuclearsnke
>P.S. I'm sure I do not have to remind you to
>delete this after you've read it. Do I?

Series Pitch 3091[edit | edit source]

From: cacilia.patte@picus.mtl.can
To: Frank Pritchard

Mr. Pritchard,

Thank you for submitting your show concept and script treatment to Picus TV. We have duly reviewed your submission and regret to inform you that there is currently no interest in developing a program of such a nature.

In fact, Mr. Pritchard, as this is your fifth (remarkably similar) show proposal in 12 months it behooves me to be honest with you re: your prospects with Picus TV. It is very difficult for us to imagine how a 13-episode dramatic series built around the "nightly coding exploits" of "Nucl3arsnake: Hacker Extraordinaire" would appeal to our target demographic. Our viewers are looking for action, mystery, and suspense. They want a hero who's not afraid to get physical, rather than one who skulks in the shadows and ducks for cover behind intellicams. To be honest, the main character seems, to us, somewhat underhanded and obsequious.

A very popular character-type is the policeman. Or even better, the ex-cop who still upholds the law. This is the type of protagonist people can warm up to and cheer for. You should give this idea serious consideration.


Cecilia Patte
Picus TV

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite warning others to immediately delete password emails after reading them, Pritchard failed to do so himself.
  • Given that Nucl3arsnake is Pritchard's hacker alias, his drama script proposal for Picus may be somewhat autobiographical.

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