The Tenderloin Clinic, also known in-game as The Free Clinic, is a public clinic opened in Hell's Kitchen. The clinic was opened following the Gray Death epidemics on New York, and several homeless patients can be found staying here.

Deus ExEdit

On JC Denton's first visit, the clinic is opened and staffed by humans, although JC can enter a special clinic staffed by MedBots for a 2000 credit fee. In the morgue, Dr. J. Allred is being harassed by a sick patient; if JC helps fend the victim off, the doctor will give JC a 40% discount on medical services and supplies.

On the second visit to Hells Kitchen, the clinic is shut down, likely for the upcoming raid on the 'Ton Hotel.

On JC's third visit to Hells Kitchen, the clinic is being staffed solely by the medbots.


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