This page contains transcripts of the pocket secretaries found in G.A.R.M., accessible during the main mission M13: G.A.R.M. in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Transcripts[edit | edit source]

Trouble with security terminal[edit | edit source]

Carried by a shadow operative in hanger 2.

To: Martin Spika
From: Tommy

Hey Martin,

Karel tells me you're having trouble accessing the security terminal in the ice tunnel. Try NanoSpika. I've just reset it so that should work.

Our friend[edit | edit source]

Carried by a shadow operative in the tent in hanger 2.

To: Augustus

Your concerns that Viktor is showing signs of doubt can be allayed. Contact confirms that he is stable Still, arm the trigger, and keep it close. In the event that Viktor does decide to resist his instructions, you know what to do.

Hangar 2 weapon storage[edit | edit source]

Carried by a shadow operative in hanger 2.

To: Igor Hora
From: Tommy


Per your request, the code has been changed to 8935.


RE: Password help[edit | edit source]

Carried by a shadow operative in the room overlooking Hanger 2.

To: Milan Drabik
From: Tommy

Hey, your new password is BaconChipsDonut. Your three favorite things. Think you can remember that?

From: Milan Drabik
To: Tommy
Subject: Password help

The hexadecimal password you gave me was a joke, right? You gotta give me something else, something I can commit to memory. Oh and I've moved offices. I'm up on three near the exit to the helipad.

Thanks Tommy!

Be careful[edit | edit source]

On the body of a deceased ARC member in the room overlooking Hanger 2.

To: Roeg Gorman
From: Tibor Sokol

I'm very conflicted right now. I thought I had a clear understanding of what ARC was about, what we were doing, but now I don't know, Between Talos' murder and Viktor taking over... something isn't right. I don't have a good feeling about him. I know he's asked you to take part in something. Something called Stormsurge? I was eavesdropping, I'm sorry. What do you really know about it? Viktor only says that it will get ARC the eyes and ears of the world. But think for a moment. What if Viktor is responsible for the bombings in Prague? What if this Stormsurge is another attack? You can't be a part of that. We are not terrorists, brother. Look I still have a lot to figure out, but you have to promise me you'll stay away from Viktor, Roeg. Please?

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