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The Guided Explosive Projectile (GEP) gun is a heavy skill weapon in Deus Ex. The GEP gun can fire normal rockets, which are effective against robots, as well as white-phosphorous (WP) rockets, which are effective against large groups of organic enemies.


The GEP gun is a relatively recent invention in the field of armaments: a portable, shoulder-mounted launcher that can fire rockets and laser guide them to their target with pinpoint accuracy. While suitable for high-threat combat situations, it can be bulky for those agents who have not grown familiar with it.


The GEP gun is a large rocket launcher that holds a single round in its magazine. If the crosshair is pointed at a target for a certain amount of time, the rocket will lock onto a target, making the rocket home in on the target when the GEP gun is fired. A successful lock-on when looking at a foe is indicated by a loud and quick series of beeps.

As a heavy skill weapon, the GEP gun limits the movement of the player unless the heavy skill is advanced or higher. Improving the heavy skill will also decrease the time it takes to target lock.

Normal rockets[]

Normal rockets inflict 300 base damage with a blast radius of 12 feet. Normal rockets are effective against robots, because robots have no resistance against the "exploded" damage type caused by normal rockets. At the untrained skill level, small and medium security bots can be destroyed with a single rocket, and the military bot in two hits. At the advanced level, the military bot can often (but not always) be destroyed in a single rocket, depending on the specific hitbox interaction between the robot and the fired rocket.

Due to their high damage, rockets can be used to open any locked door that does not have infinite strength. Thus, the GEP gun can serve as a substitute for lockpicks.

WP rockets[]

White-phosphorous (WP) rockets have the same base damage as normal rockets, but have a much larger blast radius (32 feet) and inflict "flamed" damage on impact instead of "exploded" damage. Most targets, when hit by WP rockets, will be set on fire and will take damage over time at a rate of 5 damage per second for 30 seconds. This effect is the same as the one caused by the flamethrower. For more information on the "on-fire" effect, please see the article on the "flamed" damage type.

Due to its large blast radius and the ability to trigger the burning effect, WP rockets are especially powerful against large groups of organic enemies. Against robots, WP rockets are far less effective than normal rockets, since robots take only 25% damage from "Flamed" damage sources, and cannot be set on fire. Additionally, grays are fully immune to WP rockets.

MJ12 commandos, which are commonly found among other humanoid enemies, take only half damage from the WP rocket's initial blast (due to their 50% resistance to "Flamed" damage) and cannot be set on fire. Nonetheless, MJ12 commandos can still be killed with a direct hit at the untrained skill level.


  • The GEP gun is listed as having a rate of fire of 2 rounds/second in the inventory interface, but this value is incorrect (see linked article for explanation of rate of fire). Since the GEP gun must be reloaded each time it fires, its rate of firing consecutive rockets is 0.198 rockets per second, based on its 1 second long firing duration and the 4.05 second base duration for total reload time.
  • Regular rockets for the GEP gun are fairly common throughout the game, while WP rockets are rare. Regular rockets appear about 7-8 times more frequently than WP rockets.
  • When given the scope modification, the GEP gun ties the sniper rifle for highest scope zoom, at an FOV of 10.