"The GEP gun is a relatively recent invention in the field of armaments: a portable, shoulder-mounted launcher that can fire rockets and laser guide them to their target with pinpoint accuracy. While suitable for high-threat combat situations, it can be bulky for those agents who have not grown familiar with it."
— description of the GEP gun, Deus Ex

The Guided Explosive Projectile (GEP) gun is a heavy skill weapon in Deus Ex.


A relatively new weapon by 2052, the GEP gun was superior to the cheaper and disposable LAW it was probably replacing.

Game itemEdit

The GEP gun is a large rocket launcher that can hold a single round in its magazine. The rocket can either be fired normally, or if the user points their crosshair at an enemy, it will lock onto a target, making the rocket home in on the target when the GEP gun is fired. A successful lock-on when looking at a foe is indicated by a loud and quick series of beeps.

Normal rockets simply explode when they hit something. The blast radius is smaller than a rocket fired by a LAW.

WP rockets fire a blast of phosphorus that ignites anything near the detonation site. If a target manages to survive the initial blast, they will be set on fire and will run around with their arms up. Robots take 25% damage from the rocket, MJ12 commandos take half damage from it and will not be set on fire, and grays will take no damage from it. It can also set the player on fire if they are close enough to the explosion.


  • Normal rockets are great against stronger foes, like MJ12 Commandos and MiBs, because a single rocket will destroy them. As a bonus, any enemies very close to them will also be destroyed.
  • If a group of enemies needs to be killed, use a WP rocket. Its fire effect has a larger reach than a regular rocket explosion does.
  • The GEP gun is very useful as a way to open doors, as a single rocket is able to destroy any door that does not have infinite health. Blowing up doors with the GEP gun is a great way to conserve lockpicks.
  • If using the GEP gun at long range, always lock onto a target first. The rocket fired by the GEP gun is slow enough that enemies can easily avoid a normal rocket unless the player manages to properly compensate for the target's movement. Locking on is much easier than trying to compensate for where the enemy will move.
  • Putting a level or two into the Heavy skill allows one to destroy a military robot with one normal rocket. Don't use a WP rocket however, as robots are almost completely immune to fire.
  • For anyone that wants to seriously use the GEP gun, getting to Advanced Heavy skill level is a very good idea because it allows the player to run without any speed penalty.
  • Regular rockets for the GEP gun are fairly common, so the player should feel free to use the GEP gun whenever they want to. WP rockets are quite rare, however, and should be conserved for groups of enemies.
  • Be aware that The GEP gun takes up eight blocks in the inventory, so there'll be noticeably less room in the inventory than if a GEP gun wasn't picked up.



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