"Upon detonation, the gas grenade releases a large amount of CS (a military-grade 'tear gas' agent) over its area of effect. CS will cause irritation to all exposed mucous membranes leading to temporary blindness and uncontrolled coughing. Like a LAM, gas grenades can be attached to any surface."
— description of the gas grenade, Deus Ex
The gas grenade is a demolition weapon in Deus Ex.


The Gas grenade can either be thrown or mounted on walls. When it blows up, it will unleash a large cloud of gas that will stun enemies inside the cloud. If an enemy is inside a cloud, they will take four times the damage from attacks than usual. Enemies near the cloud will attempt to run away from it. If a grenade is mounted and an enemy walks by it, it will explode.

This weapon will not affect riot cops, robots and MJ12 Commandos.

Enemies affected by the gas become locked in the "rubbing eyes" animation as long as the gas remains in effect. Stunned enemies can be shot in the head or tranquilized with impunity. Do note that enemies can recover for a short period after being hit, which might allow them to fire a few shots back or even run away from the gas cloud. This is rare, however.


  • The Gas grenade is a useful weapon for both non-lethal and lethal players. Non-lethal players can use it to stun a group of enemies and slip by, while lethal players can use it to stun enemies, then gun them down.
  • Non-lethal players will find the four times damage that enemies take while under the effects of a gas grenade useful. The huge damage multiplier caused by being stunned will make non-lethal weapons, like the mini-crossbow or the baton, very powerful.
  • Note that gas from this grenade is lethal to the player, but not enemies. Environmental Resistance augmentation can reduce suffocation damage significantly.
  • Because of how common they are, Gas grenades are great for grenade climbing up buildings to reach areas the developers did not intend to be reached or for reaching objectives in a different way.
  • Gas grenades are great for grenade surfing because they do not instantly kill the player nor do they drain their bioelectrical energy, like other grenades would.


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