The Gas Grenade is throwable weapon in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


Replaces the 2052-era older gas grenades by 2072.


The Gas grenade emits a cloud of toxic gas when it explodes. Any enemy inside the cloud will take poison damage. Enemies inside the cloud will panic and attempt to get out of it. During this time, they will not attack the player. If they get out of the cloud, they will stop taking damage. However, if their health is depleted to zero while in the cloud, they will fall unconscious. It will take some time for an enemy with 100% health to fall unconscious if they are inside a gas grenade cloud. Enemies outside the cloud will attempt to avoid it as best as they can.

This weapon has two firing modes. If the primary fire key is hit, the gas grenade will be thrown and will explode a few seconds afterwards. if the secondary fire key is used, the grenade will explode as soon as it hits the floor.

Robots are immune to the gas grenade.


  • The Gas grenade is useful for crowd control as a non-lethal player. The grenade can either knock out an entire group, knock out some of the enemies, making it easier for the player to finish off the rest of them, or soften the group up for an assault, depending on how many enemies run out of the cloud.
  • Lethal players can use the Gas grenade to stun enemies because enemies do not attack while inside a poison gas cloud.
  • Gas grenades work best in small areas because they give enemies less room to run away from the cloud from.
  • Lobbing a gas grenade inside a tight hallway can be quite useful. Tight hallways give enemies little room to escape from a gas grenade, and if they escape by running to where the player is, the player can finish them off.
  • The alternate fire mode works best because of how close enemies usually are to the player when the player finds them.