Gerard Romero's computer can be found in his third floor apartment near the cleaning supply store and Monument Station. It is unlocked but a breaker must be flipped to turn on the computer.

E-mails Edit

Stop with the Good Samaritan shit Edit

From: jonas.kolinsky@genmail.mail
To: gerard.romero@tmail.mail

Last chance, G. I'm reaching out to you as a friend now. And believe me when I say this, I am the only friend you have left in our corner of the force.

You want to refuse to play along with the Dvali, that's fine. You're welcome to grow old and die, cash poor and morally rich. Congratulations Saint Romo. But fucking with their operation and sneaking good bodies out of the city...yeah, surprise surprise, i'vesicIcon sic worked out what you're doing, hero. We all use that part of the sewers, genius, remember? It's not just you who knows when the patrol drones are on charge.

What the Dvalis lose in revenue hits us too, remember. We're onto a good thing here, Gerard. Why fuck it up? It's too late to drop out of the club so just sit tight and smile whenever someone asks you if all's well. If you continue to refuse to pull your dick out of the pie, we'll be forced to cut it off.

Do yourself a favor. Take my advice and look forward to a merry christmassicIcon sic with your kids. I hope this is the one and only time we end up talking about this.


RE: Please help Edit

From: pauli134@tmail.mail
To: samaritanX@genmail.mail

WellsicIcon sic be there exactly 8pm. Thank you, MR romero.sicIcon sic

From: samaritanX@genmail.mail
To: pauli134@tmail.mail
Subject: RE: Please help

Paulina. Go to the sewers beneath the Poor District. Tell Jacinta what I've said and she'll show you how and where you can get in. Don't talk to ANYONE else about this. After dark, 8pm SHARP. DO NOT GO EARLIER OR LATER THAN THAT. This is very important. The gate will open with 6122. I will meet you there.

From: pauli134@tmail.mail
To: samaritanX@genmail.mail
Subject: Please help

Mr. Romero? Jacinta Velazquez give this address to contact you. She say you have a safe way from Prague and help people in trouble. We don't have much credits but she said you dont care about that. Please, Mr Romero, if its true, please help. I think the dvalissicIcon sic look for us. We were in a truck and they laughed and said we'd be in special movies or prostitutes even. I dont know. Something happen, I think there was an argument because we heard shooting. It was miracle. There were 6 of us but now onylsicIcon sic 4. I think they're dead.

Were still hiding but what should we do, Mr Romero? Can you really help us?


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