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Greg Thorpe is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is an employee of the Sarif Industries manufacturing plant at Milwaukee Junction, working as a line manager.


Six months after the first attack on Sarif Industries, a radical anti-augmentation group called Purity First attacks the manufacturing plant in hopes of finding compromising information on the company, taking the employees hostage, including Greg and his wife Josie.

After making his way through the plant, Adam Jensen eventually reaches the room where the hostages are held, along with a bomb. Jensen can choose whether or not to disable the bomb, which also decides the fate of Greg Thorpe.


  • If Adam disables the bomb and saves Thorpe, he can later be found on the roof at the plant's admin building, arguing with SWAT members to be let into the building where his wife was held hostage.
  • If Adam manages to save Greg and later convince Zeke Sanders to let Josie go free, Greg will send an e-mail to Adam's office at Sarif HQ, saying thanks, and inviting him to their apartment. Once there, he will give Jensen information about an arms dealer he knows, Seurat, that operates in the area. This will result in a so called egghead discount of 25% on his wares.


  • It is possible to fail saving the hostages even before arriving at the plant - Adam must simply stay at the Sarif Industries building for fifteen minutes. He will be reminded via the infolink to hurry up at some points, and if he ignores these warnings, Sarif will inform Adam that the hostages have been killed. Their bodies can be found once in the factory.
  • His computer password is "Hydro".