HOW TO WIN AT MAHJONG is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in pod 025 in Alice Garden Pods.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The Basics
It is a mistake to think of Mahjong as a game of pure luck. To be successful requires considerable skill. For example, the player who is well versed in the rules and who masters the scoring chart will make the best decisions. This is one of the most basic strategies to master and win a game of Mahjong. Another helpful tip is to notice and memorize the discarded tiles of other players in order to know that tiles they will want to pick up.

Play Carefully To Have An Edge
In Mahjong, prudence is rewarded. When discarding your own tiles, do so discreetly. This will keep your opponent from figuring our the type of hand you are playing. A good Mahjong player should be flexible enough to change tactics in the middle of a game if necessary. It always pays to be adaptable.

Once you receive your tiles, immediately evaluate the number you will need to win. For this, you must determine the specific number of tiles you will need to finish with the shortest possible path.

Playing To Win
Do not be afraid to take chances. Discard any tiles you will not need.

Playing Not To Lose
Discard your tiles cautiously. If you require only three tiles or less after four draws, you should play to win. Otherwise, play for a draw.

Playing For A Draw
Don't be the first to discard a Dragon or Wind tile. Don't play with doubles and don't claim one for a triplet. It is now safe to discard. Keep the contents of your hand concealed.

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