Claude Harrison is a character in Deus Ex. He is the Supervisor of the Hong Kong VersaLife facility in 2052.

Harrison is the first person to approach JC Denton once he has entered the Level 1 labs. His job appears to be to ensure that those who visit the restricted laboratories are both given permission to be there, and to inform them of VersaLife's visitor policies. Harrison also assigns user access levels to VersaLife's servers, specifically to those who are members of the Weapons Research Team.

Upon seeing him the first time, he will authorize JC that he can be in that sector of VersaLife and will tell him to behave formally.

Bug[edit | edit source]

Strangely for a supervisor, after stealing the codes to complete the Nano-Sword and after returning to this floor on the way to the UC, Harrison will always remain friendly, like nothing is happened, speaking his usual lines and walking around, differently from armed forces that will attack or scientists who will look bad at JC after the two situations.

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