The Harvester Hideout
  • Tong on the bottom floor
  • Augmentation "harvesting" room
is an underground, secluded, repurposed parking garage in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is used as the headquarters by the Harvesters, a very influential street gang that prospers through 'harvesting' mechanical augmentations from other people or salvaged from cadavers.

During Jensen's second visit to Hengsha, Tong Si Hung can be found inside, on the bottom level. Despite it being in the Youzhao District, and on the map, during the players first trip to Hengsha, it is largely inaccessible - even it's sewer system is deserted, aside from a few bottles of spirits. During the second visit, however, the compound is very populated and on alert. It has multiple levels with several methods of entry, most of which are heavily guarded, and ~20 more guards within.

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