Healing Thyself - Health Preservation Implants is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is located inside Picus Communications (after riding the funicular down), inside a locked office, underneath the room with the large windows and glowing globe overlooking the room full of desks. This eBook is required for the Doctorate achievement.


Excerpt from an article by Hugh Darrow in The American Cybernetics Gazette, Summer 2014 Edition.

Your car leaves the road on an icy night; you're alone, too injured to call a paramedic. What will keep you alive until help can arrive? For all the augmentation systems at our disposal, there is little dedicated to the well being of a person - little in the way of emergency management for our health.

What is needed is a next generation design for an implant web - not a single device, but a networked combination operating from a durable monitor module implanted in a highly survivable body zone as the master. Multiple distributed wireless probes in all major organs giving constantly updated bio-data, linked to secondary units located at key nerve or bloodstream vectors - in the heart, perhaps, the adrenal and lymphatic nodes - and a level of autonomous response that could keep a person alive even without the intervention of the implantee.

This is not just a concept for military or extreme conditions usage - we can also expand it to a limited healing regimen for any man, perhaps via distributed protein therapy or other methods.

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