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Health is an attribute of the player character (Adam Jensen), as well as non-player characters and other objects in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Player character[]

Jensen's health depends on the difficulty level. At normal difficulty, Jensen's base health health is 100. This can be increased up to 200 using Painkillers (25 points), Hypostims (50 points), and drinks. Anything over 100 is temporary and lost if you are injured. If Jensen's health is below 100, Hypostims and Painkillers first bring it to 100, then add their 25 or 50 points. Drinks do not bring health to 100 first:

Health Drink
5 Beer
10 Spirits or Wine
15 Slum Dog (Hive)
20 Vodka
25 Whiskey or Shanghai Gut Punch (Hive)
30 Golden Phoenix Sling (Hive)

At Normal Difficulty, his health regenerates 4 points per second, after a delay (without further injury) of 6.5 seconds. Thus, it would take him 31 seconds to recover from 1 hitpoint to 100 HPs (6.5 + 99/4).


Enemies also regenerate health. At Normal difficulty, they recover 1 HP/s after a delay of 10 s. So it would take them 109 seconds (almost 2 minutes) to recover from 1 HP to 100.