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Photo of Heaven.

Heaven is a space station developed by four major technology corporations, including Page Industries. When opened, it will be the first ever commercial space station. Heaven is described as an orbiting "resort paradise" that will offer multiple 5-star hotels and restaurants to its visitors.[1] A space elevator is planned to be built to transport people and cargo between the Earth and Heaven.[2]


Supposedly, Heaven will be "open to all", but in reality only the extremely wealthy will be able to afford its 100,000 credits per night cost. The space station will accommodate 12,000 people in total, suggesting that it is quite large.[1] Keeping such a large spacecraft habitable requires a considerable amount of computing power. As a result, an OCM computer must be used to run Heaven.[3]

Heaven blueprint

Blueprint of the space station.

According to Lazarus, this space station is simply another means for the Illuminati to control the population. Its high price makes it intentionally inaccessible to the general public. In addition, Lazarus claims that the Illuminati plan to use it as a back up if their plans to dominate the world fail on Earth. They can simply relocate to outer space and use their "spy satellites" to control humanity from orbit.[4] This is a plausible motivation for constructing the space station since Page Industries is owned by the Illuminatus Bob Page.


  • Lazarus' theory about the Illuminati ruling the world from outer space is a possible outcome of Deus Ex: Invisible War. If Alex Denton sides with the Illuminati, a mysterious entity named "Ophelia" oversees the world from an orbiting space station.
  • The concept of a space station with a resort hotel existed during the development of Deus Ex. A space station mission was created for Deus Ex but was cut from the final game. The mission would have featured a luxury space station with a resort hotel. Similarly, the Deus Ex Bible makes reference to a "mega-expensive resort hotel" operated by Majestic 12. This space station supposedly acts as a front for various Majestic 12 operations.