Boltcaster IW

Hellfire Boltcaster

"A Black Market accelerator that launches an incendiary bolt."
- inventory description, Deus Ex: Invisible War
The Hellfire Boltcaster is a modified boltcaster whose bolts inject an incendiary liquid into whatever they hit. It is located in a hard-to-reach room high in the Nassif Greenhouse.


The Hellfire Boltcaster is a special boltcaster that fires incendiary bolts. When the bolt hits something, it will set it on fire after a few seconds. Human enemies will run around with their arms up while on fire, making them harmless.

It is a lethal weapon, unlike the regular boltcaster.


In order to reach it, the player must travel to the balcony overlooking the entrance courtyard, carefully leap over the railing onto a series of beams jutting out from the balcony, make another careful jump onto a ledge on the wall to the right, and then make his way along the ledge and then climb up the wall by using an outcropping window as a foothold. Speed enhancement modification will greatly assist here as it also increases jump height. The Hellfire Boltcaster is located in the corner of a room at the end of a nearby vent.


  • It takes a while for a single bolt to set an enemy on fire, so fire a second bolt at the target in order to make them ignite faster.
  • Ammo scavenger is a must for this weapon because of how much ammo it consumes per shot. Each shot consumes about as much ammo as a rocket from an unmodded rocket launcher does, so putting the mod on ASAP is a very good decision.
  • When using this weapon at range against moving targets, remember to position the gun so that the bolt will intercept the enemy's movement while they're moving. Otherwise, the shot will miss.
  • Setting enemies on fire can be useful for quickly disabling enemies. An enemy on fire will never attack while running around.
  • Each bolt does a fairly low amount of damage per hit, so an Increased damage mod might be useful.
  • This is one of only two weapons in the entire game that are capable of destroying the toxic puddles created and/or left behind by Greasels, the other one (obviously) being the Flamethrower.