System Rift "You won't regret this."
"I already do."
— Spoilers for System Rift follow!
System Rift

Help Desk is a secret achievement/trophy in the System Rift expansion for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for successfully getting the Palisade Blade receptionist to disable some of the building's security measures through dialogue.


When talking to ShadowChild in her apartment, choose the option "Help how?" and she will mention a receptionist in the Palisade Blade working a night shift who is also a fellow Ripper going by the handle Baba-Yaga 50. The Ripper can assist Jensen in infiltrating the Blade.

Upon entering the lobby area of the Blade, speak to the receptionist at the counter to the right. He will ask for a name to verify that Adam Jensen really is the contact ShadowChild has mentioned. Select Baba-Yaga 50 when presented with the three choices, then proceed with the conversation and the achievement will be unlocked once the player resumes control of Jensen.


  • When ending the conversation with Baba-Yaga 50, he will ask for Jensen's Ripper handle. Jensen replies, "It's classified," and the Ripper misunderstands, believing Jensen's handle to be Classified.
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