A computer can be found inside Hemingway's Fine Spirits shop in Prague during Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is labeled as Alme Capys Hemingways. The computer has a security rating of 2 and the password is FURVENT6.

E-mails Edit

Re: Outstanding payment Edit

From: Stana Tomasek
To: Hemingway’s Fine Spirits

Ms. Capys.

Please forgive me. I’ve not been feeling well lately and it completely slipped my mind. I can assure you I’m not selling the wine. Whatever gave you that idea? I will get the money to you soon.

From: Hemingway’s Fine Spirits
To: Stana Tomasek
Subject: Outstanding payment

Mrs. Tomasek,

I see that there is another two cases of Riesling here for you awaiting delivery and we have yet to receive payment on the last consignment. I’m not sure what the alcohol is for but I almost feel compelled to suggest you might perhaps order less if you cannot keep up payments on such a high volume. I should remind you that we are not a wholesaler and this alcohol is not to be resold under any circumstances. We deal with a small artisanal winery, and part of that deal is that we respect the producer’s wishes for limited propagation of their product.

You’ll forgive me if I pre-empt any requests for credit. I’m a small business, Mrs. Tomasek, so I hope you understand it’s not something I can afford to offer. I await your payment and wish you well.


Alme Capys – Owner
Hemingway’s Fine Spirits

Permit check order Edit

From: IN.FORM@pcr.le
To: Hemingway’s Fine Spirits

Miss Capys,

It has been brought to our attention that you may be in violation of criminal codes 112583 and 021674 (possession of false identity records and counterfeit augmentation licencessicIcon sic respectfully). While you are not under technical arrest at this time, please be advised that you are not permitted to leave Prague or its environs until this matter is resolved. An officer from the Department of Registries will be in touch shortly to schedule an interview.

Thank you,

The Information Dept. (PCR)

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