Hengsha Downtown Apartments computers is a group of computers in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They can be found in the Downtown Apartments complex in the Youzhao District of the Lower Hengsha. All of these computers are unlocked, so no login details are needed.

Qiuyeue's computer[edit | edit source]

Water Pressure Problems[edit | edit source]


Attention all tenants.

As you all know, we have been having problems with low water-pressure. Beginning this Friday, we will be checking all water shut-off valves, both inside and out. We will be entering each apartment to do this, beginning with the 8th floor and working down. The entire process should take one week.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Superintendant

Openings at Tai Yong Medical[edit | edit source]

From: qiuyue@sungsont.net
To: On1212@meidei.net

Qiuyue my friend,

It was wonderful running into you at the Market yesterday. I miss talking to you! We should set up a date to play mahjong one of these evenings.

Don't forget to encourage Shelin to apply at the Tai Yong Medical factory here in the Lower City. I hear they are looking for qualified technicians to work on a very special project. It won't be research intensive -- just manual labor. But it includes lots of overtime because they have a very tight deadline to meet.

A job at Tai Yong Medical is a good way to get to Upper Hengsha. At least that is what I've heard.


A new life for you![edit | edit source]

From: bai.shelin@sinopsys.cn
To: On1212@meidei.net

I know ma. I'm on it. why do you always have to pester me about things? I will let you know if I get the job.

>Shelin, my special son,
>I saw a documentary on Upper Hengsha last night.
>It is so beautiful! Life seems so enjoyable for
>I saw Yuehai at the market yesterday. She is very
>pretty. You should court her. She told me to tell
>you to that Tai Yong Medical is looking to hire
>technicians! I think it would be a very good way
>for you to move up in the world. Opportunities
>there could give you a real chance to get to
>the upper city. I am saying prayers for you.
>And I hope you are eating right!
>With boundless love,
>Your mother

Generic Indonesian Pharmaceuticals For Less![edit | edit source]

From: Mockpharma@Mockpharma.usa
To: On1212@meidei.net

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Chun Duyi's computer[edit | edit source]

The Official HIVE Newsletter[edit | edit source]

From: hive-announce@thehive.hi.prc
To: Our Valued Customers

**********FOR HIVE VIPs ONLY**********

This Saturday, the HIVE will be celebrating 15 YEARS in Lower Hengsha!! Come join us to celebrate with an all-night bash!

Free champagne from 7-10PM

Tuesdays -- Lady's Aug Night
Augmented ladies drink for free every Tuesday from 7-11PM

Thursdays -- Check out INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR DJ Trung Hoa
Spinning the latest in Vietnamese Trance

Fridays -- Radical Chic Night
The theme that started it all! Come dressed as your favorite Freedom Fighter or Political Dissident and you could win a free trip to the Mainland's most luxurious spa, Yangtze Breeze.


The Hive Tonight?[edit | edit source]

From: gau.hop@sungsong.net
To: chun.duyi@heightmail.cn

yes! count me in! i've seen some of leilei's friends! ;)

>hey man. wanna head to the hive tonight? i'm
>meeting leilei and her friends. some of them
>are pretty cute!

Jack Up Your Sex Life![edit | edit source]

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To: chun.duyi@heightmail.cn

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