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Henry Kellman was a member of the Sarif Industries security team working under Adam Jensen. He appears in Deus Ex: Black Light.


Kellman was part of the Sarif Industries security team and worked under Jensen. After Sarif went bankrupt and was sold to Tai Yong Medical in the wake of the Aug Incident, Kellman and the rest of the security team lost their jobs.

While departing from Sarif, Kellman held onto a keycard that was formerly used by Adam Jensen, thinking that the keycard could be of value later down the road. Afterwards, Kellman was approach by Don Wilder, another ex-Sarif security personnel, who offered money in exchange for the keycard. Wilders informed Kellman that he had a contact (Illuminati agent Jenna Thorne) who had the means to get around the voice codes needed to utilize the keycard. Thinking that Wilders was merely going to loot some Neuropozyne, Kellman agreed to the deal. However, it turns out that Wilders was hired by Thorne to obtain the keycard to allow the Motor City Bangers (MCBs) to loot Sarif facilities for prototype military augmentations.

When Jensen learns that his old keycard was used for the looting, he finds Kellman at Spector's Tavern in Detroit. At the tavern, Kellman tells Jensen that it was Wilder who requested the card. However, moments later, Kellman is killed by MCB gang members led by Cali, who were sent by Wilder to silence Kellman when Wilder learned that Kellman had been compromised.