Hermanis Petrauskas's computer is in his housing unit (#000125) in Golem City, which is right next to Tibor Sokol's unit. The computer has a security rating of 2.

E-mails Edit

where are you? Edit

From: Andel Barkus
To: Hermanis Petrauskas


I haven't heard from you in a couple days, how's it coming on your end? Was I right about the wall in your unit?

I'll write you back once I've worked out the rest of the plan. Won't be long now.


RE: I have a job for you Edit

From: Louis Gallois
To: Hermanis Petrauskas

Good. Let me know when it is done.

From: Hermanis
To: Louis Gallois
Subject: RE: I have a job for you

Mr. Gallois,

Yes! I will do it, and l have just the person to help, too. His unit shares a ventilation duct with the second storage locker! What are the odds, huh? This is almost too perfect!


From: Louis Gallois
To: Hermanis
Subject: l have a job for you

Hello Hermanis,

l have another job for you. Seems my contact inside the PCR has decided to change the rules of the little game we play. I won't go into detail, but the result is, the police were tipped off about a shipment of goods from the city and now they have it. You remember the two storage lockers that the PCR use down near the Angel Wings? l have the code for one of them (6123), but getting into the other is up to you. Our deal will be the same as last time.

Let me know if you are up for this.


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