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Highland Park is a dilapidated industrial zone near Detroit. In 2027, during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it serves as a front for a FEMA internment camp and as a temporary base of operations for both Belltower Spec-ops soldiers and the Tyrants.

Description and layout[]

The ground floor of the facility appears to be a regular warehouse complex, primarily housing inactive 80-X Boxguard bots. The facility shows a distinct lack of maintenance and general dilapidation due to several years of abandonment, which serves as a perfect cover for the internment camp located on the lower levels.

In contrast to the ground floor's decaying state, the lower levels of the facility appear to be well-maintained and in good condition. These areas appear to be large and warehouse-like, with open spaces, catwalks and walled-off detention areas. One such area leads further into interrogation rooms - several office-sized rooms with no roofs and catwalk system above them. Further inside the facility are the locker rooms and a break room.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution[]

Three members of the Motor City Bangers gang can be found in the parking lot where Malik lands. One of them can provide Adam Jensen with information about the place and sell him some ammo, a Target-Leading System, and grenades (EMP and gas).

On Level 5, Adam Jensen encounters Lawrence Barrett, Jaron Namir and Yelena Fedorova. The latter two leave, while Barrett remains behind to deal with Jensen, but is killed in the end following a battle.


The following missions take place at Highland Park:


  • It is unknown whether the facility was adapted into a camp after the factory has closed down, or the factory had been built to cover up the camp in the first place. Given that Level 5 houses massive shelves filled with Boxguard bots, it might imply the former.
  • If you are going for the Doctorate achievement, be sure to grab the eBook Blurring the Boundaries Between Man and Machine Volume 1. It is on 4F in a Security Level 2 room on the table. The room is towards the bottom of the 3D map between two bathrooms and right by a cafeteria.
  • Clues found in the facility may be references to the earlier-released but chronologically subsequent Deus Ex. Such clues include descriptions of REX-84, a government plan implemented in the Majestic 12 coup attempt, and of a central anti-terrorist coalition, which may be a foreshadowing of UNATCO.

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