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The Holosight is a weapon attachment in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Weapons fitted with this modification are more controllable on full-auto or burst. It's quite a rare find in the world, but one of the main merchants stocks them every visit to Prague.


The Reflex holographic weapon sight is a non-magnifying gun sight that maximizes the operator's peripheral vision, and guarantees faster target acquisition. This is done by superimposing a reticle on a distant field of view when the operator looks through the viewer. The reticle will also soft-lock on targets to give the user an even greater sense of superiority. The attachment is compatible with most weapons on the market.


When aiming, the holosight replaces the standard iron sight with a holographic equivalent, featuring far superior clarity than most of the game's default iron sights. Not only does this mod add a slight accuracy bonus just for being mounted, but as touched upon earlier, the clearer field of view makes placing shots far easier than with most iron sights. Additionally, the holosight's design and generally unobtrusive nature makes controlling recoil easier.

Certain weapons can accept both a Holosight and a 4x Scope. When both attachments have been added to a weapon, only one of them can be toggle used at once. The weapon loadout screen can be used to toggle between the Holosight and the 4x Scope.

Compatible weapons[]

In addition to being attachment to the above weapons, a unique blue holosight is included with the Côte d'Azur.


The following locations are for the main game only. For locations in DLC missions, see the respective walkthrough articles for Desperate Measures, System Rift, and A Criminal Past.


Golem City

  • In ARC territory, up the Throat, right after getting off the lift, turn right upstairs to find a room with lockers. The holosight is inside one of the lockers.
  • Third floor of the Gymnasium of RVAC Row in ARC territory, inside a gun locker.
  • During the "Access the Elevator" objective, access the third floor of the Ridit Station through a ladder on the second floor, and get into the server room through an electrified walkway (the electricity can be disabled by switching off the breaker). The holosight is on one of the shelve.


  • Hangar 1, Viktor Marchenko's Office, in a weapons locker.