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"Not advisable for a tourist to visit the canals at night."
— Police officer

The Hong Kong Canals are a part of Hong Kong, China visited in Deus Ex. Located on the waterfront edge of the city, the Canals are not vital to the game, but exploring them can lead to some interesting characters and locations. It can be accessed at any time the player is in Hong Kong. Due to the large bodies of water, this is one of the only locations in the game where the Swimming skill can prove extremely useful.

Geographically, the area consists of two parallel canals, and a small center one connecting the two. Two small streets are found high above the central canal.


  • Streets - Used to traverse the canals without swimming. One of the two bridges crossing the central canal has collapsed for unknown reasons, but can just be jumped over. Two police officers guard the path to Tonnochi Road. Two thugs can be found in a nearby alley, and they will attack JC Denton if he overhears their drug deal.
  • Old China Hand - An older, less famous bar than the Lucky Money which can be found on the left canal when coming from the Wan Chai Market. Drinks can be purchased here, and a man will approach JC thinking he is Paul Denton. After repeated questioning he will sell blueprints of the VersaLife facility, a scramble grenade and a thermoptic camo suit. The freezer contains a secret passage leading to the collapsed Hong Kong Canal Road Tunnels.
  • Cargo Ships - Two cargo ships can be found in the right canal when coming from Wan Chai.
    • One has a woman on it, who will sell the player Recoil, Reload and Accuracy weapon mods. Interacting with a lantern above a cardboard box opens a secret passage containing a Matsu-Gravas R-118 Repair bot and a biocell. The chest to the left of the bot contains four Zyme vials and 450credits.
    • An unattended ship is also nearby, which contains hazardous gas in its cargo hold, but also contains ammo for the three (reloadable) heavy weapons in the game - the flamethrower, GEP gun and plasma rifle.
  • Boat Man's House - A house on the waterfront belonging to an unnamed NPC called "Boat Man". He will tell the player about Maggie Chow and Yuen Kong. A drainage pipe found near his house leads to the Universal Constructor under the VersaLife building, but it cannot be accessed from the Canals.