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Hotel Novoe Rostov[Notes 1] (New Rostov Hotel, Russian: Отель «Новый Ростов») is an unfinished hotel in Moscow, Russia. It is featured in the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect and the game Deus Ex: The Fall.


Novoe Rostov hotel is located on the Zubovskaya Square in the central Moscow. The hotel construction began in the early 2010s, but as of 2027 was not finished yet.

The hotel is a three-lobed tower 16 stories high, plus the basement parking levels.[1]

Events in the Deus Ex Series[]

Novoe Rostov Rooftop

Namir and Saxon infiltrating Hotel Novoe Rostov via rooftop

In 2027, the Tyrants are sent to the hotel to track down Mikhail Kontarsky, a person known to be working with the Juggernaut Collective. They arrive by helicopter, and infiltrate the building from the roof. According to Jaron Namir, the men guarding the roof are all members of the Solntsevskaya Bratva, Moscow's main crime syndicate. Once the roof has been cleared of these guards, they make their way to the thirteenth floor of the building, where they believe Kontarsky is hiding out.

When they reach the thirteenth floor, the Tyrants discover that a decoy thermal image of multiple enemies was being projected, and that Kontarsky's rooms are not located on this floor. Ben Saxon speculates that Kontarsky is located on a different floor but is being shielded from thermographic scan. He discovers a lift leading directly to the tenth floor, the true location of Mikhail Kontarsky. Here he finds thermoptic shielding that is masking Kontarsky and those guarding him.

Kontarsky room

Kontarsky in his room talking with Janus

Saxon eventually locates Kontarsky's rooms, and finds that he is talking with a mysterious hacker known as Janus. Kontarsky is sending information on the "Killing Floor" to Janus. Janus tries to convince Saxon to not kill Kontarsky, instead allowing him to complete the upload. Despite Saxon's hesitation to kill Kontarsky, Scott Hardesty of the Tyrants carries out the assassination order instead.


Notable Loot[]

Top Floor:

13th Floor:

Maintenance Floor:


  • Rostov is the name of one of the oldest towns in Russia.


  1. The correct English transliteration is "Novy Rostov". "Novy" and "novoe" are the masculine and neuter forms of the Russian word for "new". "Rostov" is masculine, so "novy" is the correct adjective.