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How Not to Get Yourself Killed in an in-game eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in a hidden floor stash in Adam Jensen's bedroom.

It is a message from Francis Pritchard containing news extracts that cover the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the aftermath of the Aug Incident.



Since there's NO POINT trying to convince you NOT to do what you're planning to do, I FIGURED I could at least STOP YOU from getting killed too quickly. That IS, after all, why you CONSTANTLY COME TO ME for help, isn't it?

This device contains data I've collected—LINKS which may or MAY NOT support your THEORY that extremely wealthy individuals have manipulated events and caused everything bad that's happened to us.

Maybe sifting through it will let you find them.
-- Pritchard


Congress Under Pressure to Reconvene Human Augmentation Headings
"The hearings were suspended after a terrorist attack on Sarif Industries claimed the lives of leading researchers..."

Pro-human Activists Raid Sarif Factory, Take Hostages
"This marks the second time in six months that an attack has been directed against the biotechnology firm..."

Tai Yong Medical Continues Global Expansion
"The Shanghai-based augmentation developer increased its market share by 7.3% this week by purchasing yet another human enhancement firm..."

Anti-Augmentation Riots Erupt Worldwide
"The violence began after Picus News released grainy satellite footage of scientists performing torturous experiments on augmented super-soldiers..."

World Health Organization Issues Worldwide Recall of Biochips
"The recall comes amid reports ranging from minor disturbances to potentially lethal defects. Mechanically-enhanced people are urged to visit their local L.I.M.B. clinics immediately..."

Key Players to Tour Panchaea, Hold Augmentation Debate
"Hoping to end the growing controversy, billionaire Hugh Darrow has invited high-ranking government officials and key players in the human enhancement field to the Arctic..."

Chaos Reigns Globally as Augmented Go Insane
"All at once augmented individuals around the world went crazy, attacking and killing everything in sight, just as Darrow's broadcasted welcome speech began..."

Recovery Hopes Dim as Global Death Toll Mounts
"Densely populated, augmentation-friendly cities have suffered the most, although the damage has not been confined completely to them..."

Worlds' No. 1 Augmented Private Military Corporation Declares Bankruptcy
"Already reeling from losses incurred during the Aug Incident, Belltower Associates's fate was sealed when hackers linked to the Juggernaut Collective leaked details of a black site facility..."

Biotech Industry Collapses
"Hard hit by both the Taggart Act and a variety of new local and international laws, Sarif Industries joined many of its competitors by closing its doors today..."

U.N. Report Predicts Rise in Terrorism, Calls for Interpol Task Force to Counter It
"To cope with rising violence and racism against Augs, governments all over the world are enacting harsh laws. But these laws will, in fact, only encourage more acts of terrorism..."