Darrow's comp

Hugh Darrow's computer at Omega Ranch.

Hugh Darrow's computer appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and is located in the Omega Ranch in Singapore. It is in the white room where Megan Reed is being held. The computer is rated at security level 5 and contains one e-mail from an Alan Curtis from VersaLife about Project Araneola. Araneloa is Latin for 'small spider'.


Project AraneolaEdit

TO: Hugh Darrow

Good morning, Mr. Darrow,

Regarding the conversation we had last week. The project is advancing quite swiftly. We've managed to devise a new and improved prototype to better counter the quantum size effect. So far the nanoionics are responding as planned and the latent effects on biomaterials are negligible.

An unforeseen benefit is that using copper couplings make the units virtually undetectable. This will, on the other hand, require a very potent electronic virtual tracking system for maintenance and emergency procedures.

We've been able to build and modify molecular structures on the fly using mechanosynthesis. The samples all responded very well, apart for the usual rejection syndrome of course that always sets in after a few minutes. The effects are even more potent on the molecular level.

That's why the news from some of your associates are so promising. Apparently they're on the verge of isolating and replicating DNA segments that present no rejection syndrome whatsoever. I don't know how you and your team got access to those samples... but I don't care.

Do you realize what this could mean? We're finally there. Imagine that, a regular-looking human being. Nothing unnatural in his appearance. And still, the power of billions of machines within him, manipulated at will. This is the future, Mr. Darrow.

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