Two Hung Hua Hotel posters

Weapons dealer on the ground floor of the hotel

The Hung Hua Hotel (Chinese: 红花旅館, literally "Red Flower Hotel/Inn") is a brothel in Hengsha.

Background[edit | edit source]

The brothel was run almost independently by Mei Suen before most parts of the police in lower Hengsha were outsourced to Belltower Associates. With the arrival of Belltower, the Triad boss Diamond Chan took control of the brothel.

Chan and his associates aimed to increase the profits and began persuading prostitutes to get augmentations, which would enable them to earn more money from their clients and give the Triads more control over them due to the need of Neuropozyne. Girls who refused to get augmented were often abducted and the operations were forcefully conducted. Mei Suen is the only prostitute who, due to her experience, is able to stand up to the Triads, and in 2027, she asks for Adam Jensen's help to return the brothel to its independence.

Notable features[edit | edit source]

  • A weapons dealer, Lin Fu Ren, on the ground floor behind a room partition on the north side of the lobby/bar area.
  • The side quest Rotten Business, given by Mei Suen on the fourth floor.
  • An ID card for Tai Yong Medical, two rooms down from Mei's.
  • A club pass for The Hive in a room on the third floor.
  • An entry to the sewers, adjacent to the weapon dealer's room.
  • The hotel itself uses the characters 旅館 ("hotel/inn") in its name, but the street signs direct you to the (红花) 夜总会, meaning "nightclub".
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