The Huntsman Silverback is a weapon in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


The Huntsman Silverback is a double-barrel shotgun with break-action loading, manufactured by Stasiuk Arms Inc. The weapon will fire one barrel at a time, or both if the player activates its burst-fire mode. Note that the gun includes the burst fire mode without requiring an upgrade.


Very effective at short ranges, each shot produces only 5 pellets as opposed to 10 of the standard shotgun. Aside from a differently shaped barrel cluster as well as engraved with designs, the gun also sports a front-sight despite the lack of rear sights. However the gun still functions as a traditional break-action shotgun.


The Huntsman Silverback supports increased damage and reload speed upgrades, but all other upgrades are incompatible. This is the lethal gun that has the least amount of upgrades to fully upgrade.



The Huntsman Silverback is an extremely powerful shotgun that can eliminate many enemy targets, but is ineffective against armor. Its burst fire capability allows the player to take enemies down even in medium range due to the increase in firepower. However, its ammo capacity (only two shells) leaves a lot to be desired, as the player will need to reload every one or two shots, making it undesirable for a primary or assault weapon. Despite this, with blind-fire, the weapon is most effective in point-blank shots against charging enemies.


The Huntsman Silverback's design seems to be based on the shotguns built by the now defunct Victor Sarasqueta gun making firm, which coincidentally specialized in shotguns based on British designs.  


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