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I Come in Peace is an achievement in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is earned by making a robot kill an enemy NPC.


Use a Security Hub computer to change a robot's alliance from 'Friends' to 'Enemies'. The player must have the Robot Domination augmentation upgrade to do this. This will reprogram the robot, making it attack its former allies.


  • There are four locations where the player can get this achievement:
    • In the XNG Data Center security office.
    • In two locations inside the Belltower Base
    • On the Hotel Etana helipad during your final visit there.
  • The achievement is specific to robots. Reprogramming a turret does not count.
  • The achievement will only unlock once a robot not only attacks but kills an enemy NPC. Keep in mind that doing this will void any chances of getting the Natural Born Pacifist achievement. Therefore it is suggested that the player save the game, get the achievement and reload.