In Terror Firma is a multi-part eBook in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It describes the events that led to the formation of Task Force 29, and the agency's scope of authority.

Part 1 can be found in the kitchen of Adam Jensen's apartment, part 2 - at the TF29 HQ's shooting range, on an armchair.

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Task Force 29: The Secret Fight Against Global Terrorism
Weekend Editorial
Part 1

On the 21st March, 2028, a chain of coordinated bomb attacks exploded in unsuspecting cities and communities around the world. In that terrifying six hour period, up to 50 low-tech but horribly effective devices destroyed lives and terrorized humanity one after the other. Too much too late, it was the tragic reason the world finally heeded.

Highlighted by a press already gorging on stories of bloody terrorism, the lack of communication and cooperation between international intel-gathering organizations were cited as the primary reasons for the March bombings going unprevented. Normally bound and gagged with political red tape, world leaders reached across political fences as international demand for a unified and collaborative solution aligned across the globe.

In the weeks following, UN mediators urgently proposed an international cooperative force with the power to act effectively across borders. Built upon the base of the existing G18, the effort quickly expanded with 11 more willing political participants and Task Force 29 was born.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Task Force 29: The Secret Fight Against Global Terrorism
Weekend editorial
Part 2

Counter-terrorism traditionally consists of two areas: Pre- and post-incident. With its unique constitution, TF29 is empowered to handle both areas, removing a step that would otherwise slow the process.

On paper, the agency is said to function as a two-way agreement with other world-wide agencies, allowing a conduit of collaborative intel and action. If effective, such an ability to sidestep red tape would give TF29 a remarkably swift response to global terrorist activity. In practice, it remains to be seen if this unprecedented relationship can survive. Not all are happy with this future of counter-terrorism.

In the event of a terrorist act, agents may enter member countries or states without standard protocol and create a temporary "Bureau of Operations" under the jurisdiction of its own accord. While TF29's behavior remains subject to national laws, some have expressed concerns over alleged "loopholes".

Regardless, the clandestine agency was given a green light in good grace by a world desperate for answers.

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