This article is about the nano-augmentation in Deus Ex. For the mechanical augmentation in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, see Infolink (DXHR) and Infolink (DXMD).

"One-way micro-transceiver array allows agents in the field to receive messages from Control, and to store and later retrieve relevant maps, conversations and notes."
Deus Ex description
The Infolink is one of the nano-augmentations in Deus Ex.

It is a non-upgradeable augmentation that is installed at the start of the game.



Energy Rate: 0 Units/Minute

[Always Active]

"This is top of the line all the way, so don't expect any upgrades."


  • From: JReyes//UNATCO.00973.20892
  • To: JCDenton//UNATCO.82098.9868
  • Subject: greetings and nanotech briefings

Hey JC,
Guess I'll have to get used to calling you "J.C." around the office. Not sure where they came up with that, but at least they gave you the same last codename as your brother. Anyways, whatever they're calling you, it's good to see a familiar name on the roster.
My first job here has been to read up on your augmentations. I'm beginning to see why you found classes so easy. EVERY NEURON IN YOUR HEAD has been augmented. For example: the voice in your head (from an operator, someone here at HQ able to handle the scanning equipment in your skull and broadcast advice over your "infolink") leaps fully formed right into your temporal lobe, bypassing the eardrum and its sensory neurons. And it's perfectly inaudible to everyone around you, of course. Not to mention that the nanites clinging to your axons can both receive and transmit symbolic information, so if you ever need help, don't sweat it; someone at HQ probably already knows.
Come by if you want to hear more... this is great stuff...

Notes Edit

  • When JC Denton first meets Alex Jacobson in UNATCO HQ, he makes a comment saying that it (the Infolink) was starting to give him a headache. Whether he means it as a joke or literally, Alex reassures him, saying that it is deactivated when an Agent is off-duty.
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