The International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol is an intergovernmental organization that attempts to connect the world's police forces to create a safer world. It focuses on battling various criminal activities including terrorism and crimes against humanity.

In the 2020s, some people believe that Interpol is under the control of the Illuminati.[1] It is unclear if this is the case or not. However, by the 2050s, Interpol carries out the desires of Majestic 12, implying that the cabal has control over it.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2027, various illicit activities are carried out by Belltower Associates in the Rifleman Bank Station under the direction of the Illuminati. A number of personnel stationed at Rifleman Bank are disgusted by the inhumane treatment of the Hyron drone test subjects. In response, a number of them attempt to inform Interpol of these activities in the hope that they will put an end to the experiments and expose the Illuminati.[2]

Following the Aug Incident, Interpol was directed by the United Nations Security Council to form an anti-terrorist group specifically aimed at countering augmented terrorists. This group is known as Task Force 29 and it investigates groups or individuals that it suspects of terrorism such as the Augmented Rights Coalition.

In 2051, Interpol collaborates with UNATCO to weaken what remains of the Knights Templar. They raid Cathedrale de Payens, the Templar's Paris headquarters, claiming to have "diminished" the organization in the process.[3] Shortly after this raid, the cathedral comes under Majestic 12 control, implying that the Interpol/UNATCO collaboration is under their control also. In addition, Interpol adds various ex-UNATCO employees to their Wanted list including JC Denton, whom they label a "terrorist".[4] Denton is accused of various crimes of which he is innocent, suggesting that Interpol is perpetuating Majestic 12 propaganda.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Based on a document about Jaron Namir which features the Interpol logo[5] it appears that Namir, and possibly the Tyrants, were under investigation by Interpol.

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