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Isolay is a major augmentation manufacturer in the 2020s until their bankruptcy in 2029. Isolay products were distributed and marketed worldwide.


In the 2020s, Isolay become one of the major manufacturers of human augmentation technologies in the western world, in competition with rival manufacturers in the far east, such as Tai Yong Medical.[1]

Isolay was the target of several "enforced contractual transfers" of their employees to work for competing biotech corporations. A number of Isolay employees were kidnapped from an Isolay research facility in Lima, Peru by Belltower personnel under the supervision of Narhari Kahn. The employees were then transferred to other countries with the help of the Red Arrow triad.[1]

In 2027, the CEO of Isolay is the target of an anti-augmentation terrorist attack. He is dragged from his car and beaten in Mumbai, India.[2] In addition, following the leaked footage of augmented super-soldiers, violent protests take place outside the doors of one of Isolay's facilities.[3]

During the collapse of the augmentation industry in the wake of the Aug Incident, Isolay was the first of the major augmentation manufacturers to declare bankruptcy.[4] Afterwards, their assets were acquired by Tai Yong Medical.[5]


One of Isolay's most commonly seen augmentation is a leg augmentation with a flexible, blade-shaped foot portion. Described as a "jumping blade," this augmentation has an athletic design and is common among ARC combatants.

Isolay also produces cybernetic arm augmentations, such as those seen on Talos Rucker and Madame Photographe.

Isolay augmentations do not come in black color.[6]

Characters with Isolay augmentations[]


  • According to The Art of Deus Ex Universe, Isolay's "jumping blade" leg augmentation was inspired by the Flex-Foot Cheetah prosthetic used by paralympians.