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This page lists the items found in Deus Ex. All items listed below take up one space in the inventory grid, with the exception of ammunition and the NanoKey Ring, which do not take up any space in the inventory grid.

Items with a given item limit are stackable in the inventory up to the quantity listed. For items that are stackable, it is not possible to have more than one stack of that item in the inventory.


Icon Item Use Item Limit
Health Restoration
DX Medkit (inventory icon).png Medkit Heals 30 HP (60, 75, or 90 HP with the medicine skill) 15
DX Soy Food (inventory icon).png Soy Food Heals 5 HP 10
DX Candy Bar (inventory icon).png Candy Bar Heals 2 HP 20
DX Soda Can (inventory icon).png Soda Heals 2 HP 10
DX Beer Bottle (inventory icon).png Forty Heals 2 HP and causes intoxication for 10 seconds 10
DX Liquor Bottle (inventory icon).png Liquor Heals 2 HP and causes intoxication for 5 seconds 10
DX Wine Bottle (inventory icon).png Wine Heals 2 HP and causes intoxication for 5 seconds 10
Energy Restoration
DX Biocell (inventory icon).png Bioelectric Cell Recharges 25% of bioelectric energy 30
DX Vial Zyme (inventory icon).png Zyme Vial Causes delirium for 60 seconds 20
DX Cigarettes (inventory icon).png Cigarettes Decreases health by 10 HP 20


The first four items listed below scale with the Environmental Training skill.

Icon Item Use
Equipment Affected by Environmental Training
DX Ballistic Armor (inventory icon).png Ballistic Armor Provides 50% (62%, 75%, 87%) resistance to Shot, AutoShot, Sabot, and Exploded damage for 25 (33, 50, 100) seconds
DX Thermoptic Camo (inventory icon).png Thermoptic Camo Provides invisibility for 12.5 (16.7, 25, 50) seconds
DX Hazmat Suit (inventory icon).png Hazmat Suit Provides 25% (43%, 62%, 81%) resistance to Poison, Gas (all types), and Radiation damage for 50 (67, 100, 200) seconds
DX Rebreather (inventory icon).png Rebreather Provides full oxygen level for 50 (67, 100, 200) seconds
DX Tech Goggles (inventory icon).png Tech Goggles Provides night vision for 12.5 seconds
DX Binoculars (inventory icon).png Binoculars Provides a zoomed-in view


Icon Item Use Item Limit
DX Multitool (inventory icon).png Multitool Bypasses keypads and control panels by reducing bypass strength by 10% (25%, 40%, or 75% with the electronics skill) 15
DX Lockpick (inventory icon).png Lockpick Opens locked doors and compartments by reducing lock strength by 10% (25%, 40%, or 75% with the lockpicking skill) 20
DX NanoKey Ring (inventory icon).png NanoKey Ring Opens locked doors and compartments when the corresponding NanoKey has been obtained


Icon Item Use
DX Augmentation Canister (inventory icon).png Augmentation Canister Used to install new augmentations when a medical bot is available
DX Augmentation Upgrade (inventory icon).png Augmentation Upgrade Canister Used to upgrade installed augmentations
DX Fire Extinguisher (inventory icon).png Fire Extinguisher Outputs halon gas, which blinds opponents and obscures laser grids. Does not stack in the inventory.
DX Flare (inventory icon).png Flare Provides a source of light. Stacks in the inventory with an item limit of 50.
DX Vial Ambrosia (inventory icon).png Ambrosia Vial Story-related item found and used during the 8th mission.


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